At Schiphol Airport, why you should rent a car

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At Schiphol Airport, why you should rent a car

The Schiphol Airport serves approximately 35 million passengers annually and is in the west of Amsterdam. Schiphol has one terminal and two runways. The majority of visitors to Schiphol do so for business or pleasure. Because it is an international airport and the majority of flights go to places other than the Netherlands, it is very convenient for travelers from other countries.

The city center of Amsterdam is only 13 miles away from Schiphol Airport. Because of this, you can rent a car at Schiphol airport and drive into the city in less than 30 minutes, saving money on costly public transportation.

You can get around the airport using a variety of different modes of transportation, but renting a car is a very common option. There are a number of car rental companies in Schiphol.

You should rent a car at Schiphol airport rather than in Amsterdam or any other city for the following reasons:

Greater financial worth

The cost of renting a car for a day begins at approximately € 40,00 and goes up from there. This is less expensive than renting a car in the center of Amsterdam because has more affordable rates because of its ideal location.


Not only is it less expensive, but renting a car at Schiphol is also much simpler. Instead of taking public transportation to the center of Amsterdam, which could take you about an hour, you can pick up the car right at Schiphol Airport.

More versatile

Another advantage of renting a car at Schiphol is that, unlike renting a car in the city center, you may be required to return the vehicle to its original location. However, this is not a problem at Schiphol because you can drop off your rental car at a variety of locations when renting from Schiphol. It is much simpler to simply return your rental car to Schiphol and drop it off there.

You can go anywhere you want by car, even at night or on the weekends. The public vehicle framework frequently closes around 12 PM, so leasing a vehicle is the main choice left in the event that you are not back in Amsterdam before then, at that point.

Therefore, renting a car at Schiphol may be the best choice for you if you are considering car rental Netherlands as your final destination or just a few-day stopover.

Different transportation modes

The Netherlands’ public transportation system is reliable even if you are unable to drive or do not wish to. Tickets for public transportation to your accommodations in Amsterdam can be easily purchased at the train station from vending machines.


The only remaining conclusion is that this airport provides excellent car rental opportunities. It’s best to rent a car that you can pick up at the airport and drop off at one of the other locations; It will save you time and not much money. Isn’t that a wonderful option? You are aware that this option is excellent and that you will have access to it upon your subsequent arrival in Amsterdam.