Be Prepared: Camping Trip Essentials You Must Bring

Juliet D'cruz

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The end of summer is almost upon us, which means that now is the perfect time to enjoy camping under the stars! Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, campers found ways to adapt and continue this tradition as old as mankind itself. Now, if you want to take your family on their own excursion, you need to know how to prepare for a camping trip.

If you’ve never been camping before, no worries! Our camping trip packing list will help you keep everything together and ensure that you have all that you need for a fun (and safe) time in the wilds.

What to Bring on a Camping Trip for Safety

No family camping trip packing list would be complete without items that can ensure your safety. While most campgrounds are relatively safe, if you go camping in the wilderness, you need certain tools to protect yourself. Some things you may need for this include:

  • A camping stove, plates, and cutlery for safe food preparation
  • Flashlights and headlamps to aid in nighttime navigation
  • A fire extinguisher if you intend on cooking with fire
  • Battery-powered radios or ways to charge your devices
  • A sturdy tent capable of standing up to the rain

These tools will ensure that you can see, sleep safely, eat safely, and communicate in the event of something going wrong. Now, if you’re camping in your car, you may be able to do without some of these tools on your car-camping road trip packing list.

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Comfort Items for Your Camping Trip Packing List

Now that we’ve discussed the absolute necessities for your next camping trip packing list, let’s talk about some items you’d best bring along for your personal comfort. While they may not be a necessity, you’ll wake up wishing you had them if you don’t bring them. These items include:

  • A comfortable surface to sleep on, like a hangout hammock
  • Basic personal toiletries like toilet paper, painkillers, sunscreen, and bug spray
  • Travel pillows
  • Clothes for all weather conditions, including cold and rain

It’s easy to fall into the mindset of thinking that you’ll be in the wilderness and won’t need much. However, it’s because you’re in the wilderness and won’t have ready access to those comfortable hotel amenities like showers, beds, or pillows that you need to remember to pack them with you.

What to Pack for Your Entertainment?

One of the last things you need to prepare for a camping trip is your entertainment items. This can include a camera, binoculars, travel-sized board games, kayaking gear, or even fishing gear. No matter your personal taste, make sure you pack something aside from your phone that can keep you entertained while you’re out camping.

Looking for More Tips for Your Next Camping Trip?

Now that you know some essentials for your next camping trip packing list, you might want more tips to prepare. If so, then why not check out our blog? We update each day with more helpful and informative articles like this one to will ensure your next trip is a blast! 

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