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Integrating custom closets into an interior space is one of the best ways to make the most of the space. This is considering the many advantages attached to doing this.

While the decision is a good one, you also need to hire the right company to design, build, and install it. This means that you need to know what to look out for which is what many are ignorant about.

You should keep reading especially if this is your concern. This is because this article will discuss what qualifies companies in the custom closet and cabinetry business as the best.

The details here will go a long way in helping you end up with the right custom closet maker. But before that, let us start by discussing a bit about why having a custom-made closet is a good idea.

Why You Should Have a Custom Closet in Your Space

There are notable reasons why it is a good idea and they include the following:

Value Appreciation

Real estate experts have stressed that certain additions to a property can increase its market value. This is because of the functionality added.

Well, this is one of such additions. This is especially true if it is well designed, built, and installed. If you are interested in knowing other home additions that can increase a property’s market value, you can visit:

Creating Designated Space

You can create a designated space that was not there before using this tactic. Creating a home/remote office using this method is an example. The same applies to stores, laundry spaces, and several other designated spaces.

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Maximizing Available Space

This is something you should try out if you think you are short of space. This is because a well-designed, built, and installed custom closet will maximize space in many ways. Some of the ways this can happen are by:

  • Making good use of your walls
  • Avoiding the need for some space-consuming items
  • Meeting some definite storage needs
  • Dual-purpose space creation and storage solutions


Having a custom closet sometimes turns out to be a cost-effective solution. This is because you would have maximized your available space and there would be no need for home expansion.


This is one of the major highlights of having it. It adds an extra level of comfort as you can reach places and find items easily.


The place looks more organized with a custom closet designed, built, and installed for whatever purpose. This is one major reason you should consider it.

Aesthetic Appeal

The benefits of having it are more than just functionality. There is the aesthetic appeal aspect to it. The sight of a well-designed, built and installed one is appealing and this is a reason to consider it as well.

How to Identify the Best Custom Closet Company in Charlotte

Many companies are active in the business of making custom closets in Charlotte, its environs, and the nation at large. However, they all do not offer the desired services and this is why you need to know the right one amongst the several options. On that note, here are some qualities the best company will possess:

No Suspense for Clients

Suspense is great in movies but not in the business of creating these things. This simply means that everything to be done needs to be well thought of and known before implementation.

And for the records, the clients are also supposed to know about the plan. They should be well aware of how the creation will eventually look.

This is possible thanks to software options that allow these designers to create things even in 3D imaging for analysis. Many software options are available to designers for this purpose. If you are interested in having an idea of how they are used, you can watch this.

Respect for Clients Ideas

One of the major reasons for carrying the clients along by showing them the intended design is to be sure they like it. This also means that the client’s ideas need to be respected. This is rather than a company superimposing a design even when the client is not sufficiently satisfied with it.

Sometimes, this is for selfish reasons. This is why you should only work with a company that respects your ideas and decisions. This is even though suggestions and adjustments can be made to make it the best it can be.

Top Quality Materials

Top quality materials must be used in making them. This is so that they can remain functional and durable. Certain woods for instance are very good for this purpose. Cedarwood is one of such.

There are even reports that it specifically increases the value of a property as buyers love the idea of having it used for this purpose. This is because it is not vulnerable to insects and rodents and does not adversely affect the contents stored in and around it, amongst other reasons.

The whole point is to make sure your custom closets in Charlotte or anywhere else are made using top-quality materials. This is something that sets a company in this business apart as the best.

Good Reputation

Owners of many residential and even commercial buildings in Charlotte buy the idea of having a custom closet in their space for several purposes. As a result, many of them have worked with companies that are into this.

You can make inquiries about capable options from those that have worked with them. The reviews you get will help in making the right choice. Some of the things you should put into consideration include timely delivery, the cost to value ratio, and quality of delivery.

One thing is certain and it is that a good company will have a consistently good reputation. So, this should be largely taken into consideration when making a choice.


Deciding to have a custom closet is a good idea for several reasons discussed above and more. However, you need to have the best company handle this job for you. We have shed light on this and advise that you make informed decisions going forward.

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