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Blue World City Islamabad is a well-respected residential society in the Capital. It has risen to the top of many other indigenous housing societies. It is a great project of Blue Group of Companies. Its position as one of the most prominent landmark residential communities is due to its modern design and infrastructure that conforms to international standards. It offers a remarkable environment and first-class amenities.

Blue World City provides online services for its customers in this age of technology. These include:

  • Online installment
  • Blue World City online verification
  • Online verification and certificate of registration
  • Application Status

Owners and Developers

Blue World City Project founder is Mr Saad Nadir, son of Mr. Ch., ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore. Nazir. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed by Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company China to fulfill the promises of international-based development.

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Blue Group Companies

Blue Group of Companies was established in 1989 in Lahore, offering architectural design and construction services. It quickly earned the distinction of being the most trusted organization. Blue Group of Companies currently ranks among the top five real estate companies of Pakistan. Blue Group of Companies has over 300 highly-trained professionals who work hard and provide services that help the company thrive. It attracts investors with its impressive amenities.
It offers a variety of services, including:

  • Real estate development
  • Marketing and construction
  • Commercial printing and architectural design
  • Support IT
  • Security 24 hours a day

Blue World City Location:

Blue World City can be found near the Chakri Interchange, Lahore Islamabad Motorway M2. It is easily accessible from New International Airport Islamabad. Blue World City is the closest project to twin cities. It offers a serene, tranquil and aesthetic environment. Blue World City location is far from the hustle and bustle of cities, making it desirable and luxurious.

Nearby Landmarks and Places

Blue World City is located at the point where it can easily be accessed from many places. Because it connects with multiple points, anyone can easily access this housing society.
These are some nearby places:

  • Twin cities
  • New International Islamabad Airport
  • Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad
  • Capital Smart city
  • University Town
  • Mumtaz City

Master Plan of Blue World City:

Blue World City master plan is beautifully designed and well-structured. Urban development experts are involved in the development of it. Because it is accessible by everyone in the twin cities, its location is easy to understand. It’s a community-oriented plan, which provides a very peaceful environment for its residents.

Blue World City NOC Status:

Two years ago, Blue World City Islamabad received planning clearance from the Rawalpindi Development Authority. This was against the vide letter No. 532/10/DC, 07-08-2018. The society was granted a Preliminary Planning Permission to 427 Kanal.

NoC Update December 2021

District Counsel issued letter no. 532/10/DC dated 07/08/2018. When the Governor Punjab, Ch., resolved the conflict between Rawalpindi Development Authority and District, the government was able to resolve it. Muhammad Sarwar signed The Local Body Ordinance. According to the ordinance, all housing societies must be approved by the District Counsel. Blue world City has given its approval. This will impact the prices and lead to an increase in prices.

Blue World City payment program:

  • Blue World City offers the following plans to make investors’ lives easier:
  • A 3-year installment plan
  • Four-year installment plan
  • Five-year installment plan

Blue World City Offers

  • Residential plots of 5,8,10 Marla with 1 and 2 Kanal
  • 2-8 Kanal farmhouse
  • Commercial plots of 5 to 8 Marla
  • Book now with a 10% deposit

Blue World City Islamabad Features

Housing societies are designed to provide basic facilities and a modern lifestyle. Blue World City Islamabad has been rated as a renowned housing society for fulfilling its promises and maintaining the maintenance. It has maintained a luxurious lifestyle and provides the necessary amenities to meet the needs of its residents. These are the main reasons that Blue World City Islamabad attracts investors and the public.

  • Blue Mosque Replica in Turkey
  • Water theme park
  • Blue World City gated community
  • Security 24 hours a day
  • Sector and Jamia Moques
  • Luxurious Infrastructure
  • Public Transportation
  • For energy production, plant
  • Subterranean Electricity
  • Supports and Culture Complex
  • Sewerage plant and water filtration facility
  • Cinemas and Adventure Club
  • Spas and water pools
  • Hospitals

Blue World City’s different Blocks

Blue world City is a large project, so it has been divided into many blocks like:

  • General Block
  • Blue Hills Country Farms
  • Block for Overseas
  • Orbital Apartments
  • Awami Residential Complex
  • Waterfront Block

Blue World City Overseas Block

Blue Group of Companies recently launched the overseas block of their housing society. This block is for Pakistanis who are able to live and enjoy high-standard accommodation and luxury. Blue World Overseas Block has a limited number of residential plots. Blue World City is a cost-effective investment opportunity that offers overseas Pakistanis an affordable, profitable opportunity to invest.

Blue World City Waterfront Block

Blue World City Waterfront Block was the latest addition to Blue World City. This location is located near the Overseas Block and the waterfront. The tranquility and view of the waterfront is a great way for citizens to enjoy the country’s tranquility. All commercial and residential resources are available to the public, so no one has to leave the area to fulfill their needs. Public buildings can be used to house high-quality medical facilities.

Blue World City Executive Block

Blue World City has unveiled the Blue World City Executive Block. This block is a great addition to its already vibrant residential community. It is easily accessible by many routes. It is also close to two cities, Islamabad (and Rawalpindi). The Executive Block will embody luxury, class and elegance. The Executive Block in Kingdom Valley Islamabad also offers the same nature of luxuries. All basic and modern services and facilities will be available to residents. Residents will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in the Executive Block at Blue World City. Residents will find the perfect accommodation at Blue World City Executive Block for a very affordable price.

Orbital Apartments

Orbital Apartments are a luxurious way to live in Blue City. There is no better apartment choice in Pakistan if you love panoramic views all day. Orbital apartments provide luxurious, affordable living with top-quality infrastructure upgrades. Revolving apartments are a result of the rapid increase in the population. There are many features in orbital apartments, including dedicated elevators, open spaces, themed interior spaces, 24/7 renovations, and world-class services. You will enjoy all the modern features and resources to match your lavish lifestyle.

Blue World City Country Farms

It is difficult to relax in stressful environments. One longs for a tranquil and peaceful place where one can take in the beauty of nature and indulge in luxury. Blue Hills Country farms are here to meet this need. Stress can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health. This is why it’s important to find a peaceful place away from urban noise and hustle that allows you to relax. Blue Hills Country Farms can be a wonderful place to escape to if you want to live a stress-free lifestyle. You will find peace and tranquility at the farms.

Blue World City Awami Residence Complex

Blue World City’s new luxury housing development, Blue World City, has added the Awami Residential complex. Each duplex has its own unit and is fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and stunning views. Each unit has been designed to provide quality services and sustainable infrastructure. The Awami Residential Complex was designed to address the growing demand for affordable housing. Awami Building has single-duple units. It is affordable, but the quality has not been compromised.

Payment Plans:

BWC Payment Plan 3 Marla Residential Plot:

BWC Payment Plan General Block:

BWC Payment Plan Overseas Block:

Blue World City Waterfront Block Payment Plan:

Blue World City Executive Block Payment Plan:

Note: The Executive plots are not available currently.

BWC Payment Plan Blue Hills Farmhouses:

BWC Payment Plan Awami Residential Complex:

Blue World City Overseas Executive Block Payment Plan:

The down payment for the Overseas Executive Block plots is PKR 748,500. The plots are available on easy 12 monthly Installments. The payment plan of Overseas Executive Block is as follows:

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