Burn Injuries at Work: When You Have a Case and What to Do Then

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Both employers and workers must take care of workplace safety. Companies must provide a safe work environment, while workers must follow security procedures and thus not put themselves or others in danger.

Unfortunately, despite all precautions, workplace accidents do happen. It only takes a moment of inattention or haste, and you can get hurt. Among the most common workplace injuries are burns, which you can learn more about at this link.

If you hurt yourself at work, the priority is to treat those wounds and recover as soon as possible. However, depending on the injury severity, it can take a while, which brings many challenges. Hospital bills can be very high, you can’t work and lose your wages, and you feel bad. Then you should consider whether you have a case against the employer for which you need legal help.


Every burn injury, no matter where it occurs, requires medical intervention. Even if it seems small and doesn’t hurt, seeking medical help in time can prevent bigger problems. So, if you get burned at the workplace, whether it’s an electric shock or an acid spill, see a doctor right away.

Treating a burn is a priority, especially when it comes to larger areas of skin or deep wounds. However, you must inform your supervisor about the work absence. Of course, no one can prevent you from getting medical help, but some procedures must be followed.

There’s a deadline you must meet and inform the employer about the injury. If you can’t do it, your family member or colleague should do it. This procedure is necessary to compile a record of the accident, which will be needed later if you decide to file a claim and ask for compensation.

When Can You File a Claim?

Not every workplace injury is a reason to sue a company you work for. First, you need to determine whose fault it was. If you decide to sue your employer but not sure that you got burns because of their fault, the company may conduct an internal investigation. This can also be requested by their insurance company.

If they find out your injury isn’t their fault but the result of your negligence and non-compliance with the rules, you risk not only being left without compensation but also without a job. The employer can justifiably suspect abuse of the situation and even initiate legal action against you, for instance, due to reputational damage.

But if you can prove unsafe work conditions and rule violence on the employer’s side, you have a case. For minor injuries, you can file a workers’ compensation claim with the help of a company legal representative. But in case of severe injuries, it’s advisable to contact a lawyer first.

Why You Need a Lawyer

In the case of minor injuries, the treatment costs won’t be high, and the employer can agree to pay compensation and avoid the hype. However, if your injuries are serious, even life-threatening, you’ll surely have a long recovery and hefty medical expenses. The employer may agree to pay these bills, but they’ll almost certainly try to diminish their responsibility and cut these expenses.

Seasoned lawyers from the Marc Shuman Law firm can help you determine what your chances are if you decide to sue your employer. If all the elements for the lawsuit are there, they will help you compile it in as much detail as possible and include everything that can bring you an advantage in this case.

Burn injury lawyers have experience in cases similar to yours and know how to craft a lawsuit. Skilled attorneys know the ins and outs of evidence collection, so that they can prove the employers’ fault and negligence. And if they’re convincing enough, the whole case can be settled out of court on an amount that suits you.

What Compensation Can You Expect?

Most lawyers advise you to try an out-of-court settlement with the employer because it takes less time and hassle. Of course, only if the employer agrees to your terms, which unfortunately rarely happens. Then, the case goes to court, where your lawyer takes the necessary steps to prove the employer’s fault and provide you with satisfactory compensation, which includes their contingency fee.

Basic compensation if you have suffered burns at work should cover the cost of medical treatment. However, lawyers will gladly fight to get you entitled for lost wages, inability to work, physical and mental pain, etc. The more they can prove, the more money you get.

If you decide to hire a lawyer, here’s the guide on finding the best one:


Being absent from work due to burn injury brings many negative consequences and high costs. So, having a seasoned lawyer by your side can help you overcome these hard times by getting a fair compensation.