Camping Questions: Which Popular Attractions Are Close To Inverloch Foreshore Camping Reserve?

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Australia is home to about 23 million people with 4.6 million living in Sydney. Whether you live in Australia or are considering a trip there, you’ll want to include Inverloch Foreshore Camping on the list. 

You might wonder what there is to do in this area. This article will take a look at the popular attractions you won’t want to miss in the area. Read on to explore more about this fantastic place to go camping with plenty to do nearby. 

Why Inverloch Foreshore Camping Reserve? 

Enjoy being close to the water when you stay at the Inverloch Foreshore Camping Reserve. It’s located right in the sand dunes of the Anderson Inlet. 

Bring your motorhome, tent, camper trailer, or caravan. You’ll be a short walk or bike from cafes and shops. It’s conveniently steps from the beach. 

  1. Eagle’s Nest

Once you find out all that you can about the park, you’ll want to head to Eagle’s Nest. It’s a popular attraction when you want to take your family to see rock pools and formations.

It’s conveniently located right off of Toodyay Road. Eagle’s Nest is right next to Walyunga National Park as well. Keep in mind that it’s run by a Catholic organization so you’ll have to abide by certain rules. 

  1. Dinosaur Dreaming

Head to Dinosaur dreaming for the dinosaur lovers in your family. Dinosaur Dreaming is located right near Inverloch in Victoria, Australia. You can see the remains of mammals from the Cretaceous Age. 

  1. Screw Creek Townsend Bluff Estuary Walk

Head to the Screw Creek Townsend Bluff Estuary Walk in order to go walking or fishing. There are plenty of fishing platforms for you to enjoy, and you can head up to the bluff as well. 

Enjoy the mangroves and boardwalks. You’ll enjoy the scenic view over the Anderson Inlet. 

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Nearby Restaurants

Head to Vaughan’s Cafe Deli for meat, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly meals. Enjoy different cheeses and meats here. It’s located at Shop H, 10A’Beckett St, Inverloch, Victoria 3996 Australia.

The Bayside Lady also has vegan and vegetarian-friendly meals as well. Enjoy cafe-style, Australian meals, and pizza here. It’s located at 19 A’Beckett St, Inverloch, Victoria 3996 Australia. 

Cool off after a day at the beach and head to the Gelato Al Mare. Enjoy different Italian-inspired desserts.

It’s located at 9 Williams St, Inverloch, Victoria 3996 Australia. There are gluten-free options at this location as well. 

For Japanese cuisine head to Tomo. They also have vegan and vegetarian-friendly meals. They’re located at Shop 123 a’Beckett St, Inverloch, Victoria 3996 Australia. 

Exploring Attractions Near the Inverloch Foreshore Camping

Now that you’ve explored this guide on attractions near the Inverloch Foreshore Camping Reserve, you should be able to plan your next trip. Take your time planning out your vacation and enjoy direct access to the beach.

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