Can roller shutters reduce energy bills?

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Can roller shutters reduce energy bills?

With an unpredictable climate seeing temperatures skyrocket in summer and plunge well below zero in winter, the value of proper insulation can’t be overstated. Thanks to roller shutters, keeping a building cool in summer and warm in winter – without racking up expensive energy bills on air conditioning and heating – could be easier than you think. 

Homeowners and business owners typically install roller shutters to secure entry points to their buildings – but did you know that there are certain types of roller shutters that can also help to improve a building’s energy efficiency?

Read on to find out more about how roller shutters can help you to reduce energy loss, bringing down your energy bills and harmful emissions at the same time.

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Energy-saving insulated roller shutter doors

Cost is, of course, a major factor when deciding whether to purchase roller shutters and which ones to buy. Many people may not realise that choosing insulated roller shutters will actually help them to save money in the long-term due to their impressive thermal efficiency.

There are multiple types of insulated shutters to choose from. For example, ‘double skin’ or ‘twin skinshutters are constructed using two layers of steel or aluminium laths, while standard roller shutters only have one layer. They also have brush strips along the sides, in addition to rubber seals along the bottom, to prevent heat or chilled air from escaping around the edges.

The most efficient type tends to be foam-filled shutters, which use polyurethane foam to create a high-density insulating barrier within the metal laths. This reduces the thermal conductivity of the shutter curtain, limiting heat transfer from one side to the other and making it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

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Reducing heat loss and draughts with an insulated roller shutter can have a drastic effect on your energy bills, as you won’t have to spend as much money on heating or cooling the space because of an inefficient shutter door. Reducing your energy consumption also improves your carbon footprint by lowering your emissions, which can only be good news for the environment.

Energy-saving rapid roll shutter doors

Having an insulated door may not be enough when the shutter has to be opened and closed frequently throughout the day or night. High traffic areas like warehouse loading bays will require fast and easy access for vehicles and workers, but constantly losing heated or chilled air through an open doorway isn’t practical or cost-effective.

This is where high-speed rapid roll doors come in. Rapid roll shutters are just as sturdy and reliable as regular or insulated designs, except their motor-operated systems allow them to open and close at high speed. They’re also fitted with photocells to prevent downward movement if an obstacle is detected, preventing injuries while the shutter is closing.

When closed, the shutter creates an effective barrier to prevent energy loss, and when access is required, it can open and then close extremely quickly to minimise the time spent open. This helps to reduce energy loss and keep the temperature inside as consistent as possible. 

Your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work overtime to regulate temperature-controlled spaces, and you won’t have to lose so much money every time the shutter is opened. Their smooth operation allows you to maintain traffic flow without running up your energy bill or carbon footprint.
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Additional benefits of installing roller shutters

Several of the features that make these roller shutter designs more energy efficient also bring other benefits to the table that make them a worthwhile investment. The primary function of a shutter tends to be for security purposes, and thicker, stronger shutters provide an extra protective layer to prevent unauthorised access to your premises.

In addition to deterring would-be thieves, these roller shutters also create a safer and more productive working environment. Rapid roll doors have failsafe measures to avoid accidental injuries from fast-moving parts, and ensure that there is as little disruption to the workflow as possible. 

Just as maintaining the temperature with insulated roller shutters can provide a more comfortable work environment, so can reducing noise pollution. The thermal insulation layer can also act as sound insulation, which is a helpful bonus feature in busy and noisy areas.

Roller shutters of all kinds are also long-lasting and relatively low maintenance, as they’re easy to operate and only require servicing once or twice a year. Designed to withstand constant use, they’re made with durable materials that will hold up against the elements when installed externally. 

Invest in energy-efficient roller shutters

With the ability to add insulation, minimise disruption, and save energy all in one, it’s no wonder that many businesses are investing in roller shutters

Places that could benefit from insulated roller shutters or rapid roll doors include warehouses, retail units, and garages – including industrial, commercial, and residential properties.

These days, there’s so much focus on eco-friendliness and the high cost of energy that you should also take these matters into consideration when choosing a roller shutter for your property. The best way to find a high-quality, energy-efficient product is to look for a trusted local supplier.

For example, Roller Shutter UK provides a range of roller shutters in Liverpool and throughout the North West. Not only can you choose the ideal design, finish, and installation for your needs, but you can also set up roller shutter repairs in Liverpool to ensure that your shutters stay up to standard.

Energy-saving measures are an upfront investment that pays itself off over time. The sooner you install insulated roller shutters, the sooner you should see a difference in your daily operations and periodic energy bills – and thanks to their robust construction, this should continue for many years.