Can Short Workouts Actually Make a Difference?

Juliet D'cruz

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How often do you work out every day? Some people have a routine, spending an hour or more at the gym each day. Other people might not work out at all; if you don’t, getting started can seem daunting.

Exercise is an important part of getting–and staying–in shape, but there are many reasons you may not be able to jump into a lengthy workout routine. Short workouts may be a better option, but do they work?

Yes, they do! While a short session of leg or shoulder workouts isn’t going to show you the same benefits as a full workout routine, it can still help you in many ways.

Short workouts are a good first step into the world of fitness. Keep reading to learn a few different ways that short workouts can help you.

Short Workouts Help You Focus

One great benefit of any physical activity is that it gives you a break from taxing mental activity. If you take a ten-minute break to do some quick back workouts, you’ll find yourself refreshed and focused afterward!

That’s because exercise results in higher levels of chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. Those make you feel more alert. That’s not the only way physical activity is good for mental health, either.

Short workouts help you focus in another way: you can tailor the workout to a specific area. Sometimes you want to focus on something–triceps, for example–without changing up your whole routine.

In that case, supplement what you already do by adding some short tricep workouts to the start or end of your session!

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Improve Your General Fitness

Short workouts are particularly effective for people who live sedentary lifestyles. In other words, if you aren’t the kind of person who usually works out a lot, even small amounts of exercise can have a noticeable effect.

Even five minutes of exercise can improve your general fitness by increasing heart health and getting your blood sugar levels under control. Cycling, walking, and jogging are good ways to ease yourself into short workouts.

As you acclimate to short workouts, your endurance will get better. Soon, you’ll be able to take on more activity before getting worn out!

Keep Yourself Active

If you’re already active (or you’re working toward a larger routine), there’s still a place for short workouts in your repertoire. You can’t always make it to the gym every day, but a short workout can at least help you stay active.

Some days, you have to deal with a family emergency or a huge workload and you don’t have time for your full routine. Doing some quick cardio or bicep workouts can help you stay on track and get some exercise in.

Are you just starting out and having trouble holding yourself accountable to a daily workout schedule? A fitness group can be a great resource, keeping you honest and helping you get a short workout done each day.

Get Fit With Short Workouts

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic who ran out of time for your full set of chest workouts or a newcomer dipping their toes into exercise options, short workouts can help you get results in only a few minutes a day.

Are you looking to expand your routine past these short workouts? Visit our fitness blog for more ways to stay in shape!

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