Can Tourists rent a car in Dubai?

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Can Tourists rent a car in Dubai

Dubai is not the only country that allows tourists to rent cars there. It will be a better option if you educate yourself about renting a car because some countries have strict rules on these issues. Dubai is a fascinating country for visit purposes, and visiting, as a tourist, driving a car on rent will be a better option.

In this article, we will discuss considerations about how tourists can renting a car in Dubai.

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Can Tourists rent a car in Dubai?

Several companies are working in UAE, especially in Dubai with proper documentation and money-saving can offer you to rent a car. This ultimate guide will help you rent a car in Dubai and provide you with a few tension-free trips.


When it comes to renting a car in Dubai, especially for tourists, most companies offer different rates, as some company’s charge based on mileage and some companies charge per hour. You should opt for those companies’ prices which are negotiable and offer some discounts.


The tourists should choose a car on rent that can accommodate the family members, including some luggage items. Car rental companies in Dubai offer a wide variety of cars and other types of vehicles that you can select from.

Duration of the stay

Renting a car in Dubai also depends on the duration of the stay of the tourists. It also depends on the distance you need to visit while visiting the country because this factor greatly affects the rent charges.

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The car rentals also offer roadside services, as this car support service is beneficial for you because you might have to postpone the other trips when the car on rent has an accident or damage.


If the tourists want to rent a car in Dubai, they must provide some essential documents and complete the paperwork. The most crucial document that tourists have to ask for is to get an international driving license.  Other documents that the tourists should provide are:

  • Original passport
  • Original visa
  • The international driving permit
  • Original driving license from the home country


When renting a car in Dubai, you should apply for the insurance service, as this will come in handy in case of an accident. It is a good option only for Dubai’s city, but it is a good thing to rent a car in any city in the world. Nowadays, car rental companies have sorted out the issues related to insurance if someone wants to get a car on rent in Dubai. So it is good to opt for those companies to rent a car in Dubai that provides insurance. Therefore, the Tourist should not get a car in Dubai on rent that is not insured.

Additional tips for Tourist to rent a car in Dubai

Dubai is a country with strict traffic laws, rules, and regulations. Whether it is your leisure trip or a business trip, you should not be on the wrong side of the rules and regulations with the boys wearing blue shirts who can charge you for your time and valuables. The additional tips include:

  • Follow the speed limits
  • Don’t drive while drinking
  • Install the Navigator app on your mobile
  • Be aware of traffic rules, regulations, and traffic signs
  • If you get an emergency, dial 999 and 998 for the report and help


So it is concluded from the article that tourists can get a car in Dubai on rent and can freely visit the city if they follow the rules, regulations and provide all the essential documents. As Dubai is a great city to travel to and a passionate tourist, driving a rental car will be a great option and can save money and time.

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