Can you give olive oil to a cat?

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After numerous studies, olive oil is considered a superfood, that is, a food that has a large number of nutrients that, in addition to being necessary for the proper functioning of the body, bring excellent multiple additional benefits. These food stars have the characteristic of being natural unprocessed foods, which, for humans, are beneficial for our nutritional intake, our joints, our diseases, and even our morale.

Therefore, any person or animal that consumes ( quality ) olive oil will have a vitamin supplement. Just as we are interested in being in the best possible condition, we can extend this dogma to our pets. But in the end, is olive oil: harmful for cats? A danger? We tell you everything!

Let’s talk in this article Can we give olive oil to a cat? oAnimal on the benefits of olive oil for cats. You will see how, in addition to being a rich option to include in your feline’s diet, you will improve and boost its good health. finally, we will see at the end of this article if your cat can also eat other oils such as rapeseed oil or argan oil.

Can you give olive oil to your cat? The question is important, especially if you decide to feed your cat naturally. If you want to adopt this type of diet for your cat, we strongly advise you to consult our article How to feed your cat naturally for all the advice.

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Can you give olive oil to a cat?

Yes, you can give your cat olive oil, and it is even recommended, especially for some cats. Be careful, olive oil for cats must always be as natural as possible and of good quality.

Olive Oil: Harmful to Cats? Not at all, and even with several benefits!

Let’s see why at PlanèteAnimal we recommend olive oil for your pet:

Olive oil for cats has the ability to be a powerful antioxidant, thanks to many of its components such as polyphenols (biosynthetic compounds from plants), vitamin E, and chlorophyll. All of these nutrients help strengthen and improve the immune system.

Olive oil for cats contains good saturated fat, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Olive oil burns and metabolizes fat very efficiently, ideal for example for a diet (if you give it of course in small quantities).

Olive oil aids the cat’s weight loss through those same saturated fats that break down fat inside its every cell. This is very important because one of the reasons for higher mortality in cats is obesity, as they suffer from excess weight which causes a stroke. Foods like olive oil, which have fruity, fresh, and natural flavors and sensations, are always pleasing to a cat’s taste, and are an incredible contributor to your pet’s health, especially if the oil is extra virgin.

Why do cats love olives so much?

If you have ever given olive to a cat, you will surely be able to confirm that cats love this smell. Indeed, the olive has a euphoric effect on a cat, since its smell is similar to the pheromones released by cats during mating. Thus, olive for cats, but also mint or catnip (catnip) give off odors causing extreme reactions in cats, which may roll into a ball, purr, or jump.

Benefits of olives for cats

Olive oil for cats: against constipation

In addition to all the benefits we have mentioned above, olive oil for cats is a natural treatment for constipation, hydration and hairballs.

This is one of the best natural remedies for constipation in cats. Cats often suffer from this seemingly simple but problematic problem, which can be fatal. Thus, olive oil is an excellent natural laxative for constipated cats.

Constipation can be both mild and chronic. If your cat is constipated and has difficulty defecating, it’s because his diet doesn’t contain enough fiber and his digestive system isn’t working properly. As a remedy, you can give him olive oil, which will stimulate bowel movements and make the stools more watery and easier to pass. But can you give olive oil to your cat if it has diarrhea? And although olive oil has a mild laxative effect, olive oil is harmful to cats with diarrhea. Remember that a constipated cat will need olive oil to evacuate more easily.

Olive oil for cats: excellent for the skin

Olive oil is also excellent for improving the shine and softness of your cat’s coat thanks to its moisturizing properties. Olives for Cats  also slows aging, you see, now there are olive oil face creams.

Olive oil for cats: to fight against hairballs

Adding a little of this “superfood,” olive oil, to your cat’s diet is a great solution for cats that suffer from the dreaded hairballs. If your cat has a lot of hairballs or long hair, you can give it olive oil with malt for cats. The combination of the two will give your cat a shiny, silky, and soft coat. If you want to know more about the use of olive oil for cats, continue our article Can we give olive oil to a cat? on PlanetAnimal.

How we can gives olives to your cat

Olive oil does not only have purely positive properties for your cat’s health, but it is also an economical food and you can get it in any supermarket or organic food store. The important thing, we repeat it to you, so that this food is not harmful, it must be organic, extra virgin, and natural.

The amount? It will be enough to include at least 3 times a week a tablespoon of olive oil in your cat’s diet. Mix it with his food so that the oil is absorbed by the food, does not get lost on the plate, and can do its job well in your little furball’s body. You don’t need to add any more

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