Capital Smart City & Blue World City Latest Development Work Updates – January 2022

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Capital Smart City

It’s a project called Capital Smart City built by Habib Rafiq Private Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings Ltd. (FDHL) on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, about 10 KM from the Thalian Interchange. A picture from Capital Smart City is shown in this article to offer the most recent development work that has been done at the site.

There is a lot of progress being made on Capital Smart City. Real estate agents believe that Smart City will be the fastest to build out of all the new housing projects in Islamabad. So, real estate investors and people who buy and sell homes seem to be happy with the high-quality work of Capital Smart City.

Capital Smart City is a big project, and one blog post can’t even begin to list or sum up all of the work being done there. We’re giving our users and clients a quick overview for those who can’t visit the site in person.

Recent Development Updates of Capital Smart City

  • A big part of the development work at Capital Smart City is how much machinery and people are at work.
  • Because Habib Rafiq is one of the biggest real estate developers in Pakistan and he has used more than 175 machines since the start of the project, he has a lot of power to finish the project on time.
  • Installation of a concrete plant in the capital smart city Islamabad
  • As part of the capital city’s smart city project, 30 new dump trucks have been added to the development fleet.
  • New concrete batching plant for the capital smart city
  • After the official launch of Capital Smart City in October 2019, the pace of development even got faster.

The real estate market in Islamabad is thrilled with the pace of work by Habib Rafiq. The rising prices and growing demand for their products show this growing confidence in Smart City’s products. 

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Blocks of capital Smart City

  • Overseas Block 

Overseas East (Overseas Block phase-1) is the first block to get the ball in the game. Sectors A to K of Overseas East have been taken over.

A lot of work is completed quickly to build the overseas block. It looks like a lot of the leveling and road building is done, and now they’re figuring out how to lay out the roads. Overseas East (Overseas-1) and Overseas central (Overseas-1) are also getting a lot of work done quickly (Overseas-2).

Take a look at how quickly the Capital Smart City site is being built:

  • Overseas, there is still a lot of work to be done on the Capital Smart City project.
  • Overseas East is getting smaller, and Capital Smart City is being built.
  • Overseas: The earthwork for the Capital Smart City development is going on.

Harmony Residential

Harmony Residential is a residential project in Block D of Overseas. It is in a place where people live. The construction work for the project is going quickly. 

Another thing that has happened is that the construction of Smart Villas has started and things are moving quickly in the block for people who come from outside the United States. If you want to know more, read about Smart Villas in the next part of this article.

Smart Villas

You can see some pictures of villas still being built at the construction site. It’s also being done to do soil tests before the construction of smart villas in the OS Prime block can start. Foundation layouts are also being drawn on the ground to start building.

Construction for smart villas in the Executive block is also going on. Mediterranean villas in the Executive Block C of the Capital Smart City development are being built quickly. George villas OS C in the Capital Smart City development are being built quickly. Contemporary villas OS East D of the Capital Smart City development are being built quickly. George villas Executive Block B in the Capital Smart City development are being built quickly. Mediterranean villas Executive Block B in the Capital Smart City development are being built quickly.

  • Overseas Prime 

As of right now, work on Overseas Prime is still going on. As soon as we start working on the earth, we start working on the asphalt. The earthwork is beginning for the Capital Smart City development. Drainage work in OS Prime is under work in Capital Smart City

  • Executive Block

It’s also being done on the site of the Executive Block. Sewage pipes are being put down and the construction of Smart Villas has also begun.

People who work for the Executive Block Phase 1 are expected to take over after Overseas-1. So, the Executive block is also getting a lot of attention.

Executive Block B on ring road of Capital Smart City is still under work.

Executive Block B Mosque is still under construction.

Executive Block B boundary wall is still under construction. 

  • Harmony Park Block

The earthwork for the Harmony Park block is being done quickly. Harmony Park is being consolidated as part of the Capital Smart City development. Earth is being cut for the Harmony Park block in the Capital Smart City project.

  • Lake View Terrace

 Smart Villas are also being built in both the Executive and Overseas blocks.  The development of Capital Smart City is going on in Lake View Terrace.

  • Capital Hills

You can play the 18-hole signature golf course at Capital Hills at Capital Smart City in the middle of a lot of beautiful villas and apartments. It’s been a long time since Capital Hills was built, but now the earthwork and cutting is going on.

Compaction takes place on the Capital Hills Lakeview block as part of the Capital Smart City project.

Capital Hills Lakeview is being excavated for the Capital Smart City development.

  • Lake View Heights

The construction of Lake View Heights is going quickly to make sure that the luxury apartments will be ready on time. The Lake View Heights is being built in Overseas block C to give each apartment a view of the lake and make it feel like living in a foreign country. Lakeview Heights block C is part of the Capital Smart City project.

  • Roads – Earth Work

Roads are being built in Capital Smart City.

A lot of work is going on to make it easy and quick for people to get to the site quickly. The National Highway Authority has given its approval to the dedicated interchange on the M-2 highway (NHA). Building the Smart Interchange should start soon.

  • Access 2: Plum wall fixing for the Capital Smart City project
  • Prepare the sub base for the Capital Smart City development.
  • Main boulevard – work is being done – Capital Smart City development is going on.
  • Main Street – preparation for box culverts – Capital Smart City development.

Possession and Building in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City has reached the most crucial point in its development. Capital Smart City has set the dates when Overseas Block 1 and some parts of Executive Block 1 will be ready to move in.

Furthermore, the management is giving a lot of money to people who build in this block. So, we think that now is the best time to start building homes in these parts of Overseas block-1. 

 Blue World City

It is highly desirable due to the developer’s allocation of 5000 Kanal to blue world city. The land is divided into blocks in the same way. In addition, the project sells private and commercial plots as well as farmhouses. General Square, Overseas Square, Blue Hills Country Farms, Awami Villas, Blue World Economic Zone, Orbital Flats, and low-cost Awami Residential Complex are among the federations and plots included in the project. The following blocks are covered in further depth further down:

  • Orbital Apartments in Overseas Blocks

  • Awami Complex Water Front Blue Hill Farm Houses
  • Blockade of Overseas

In accordance with the planned expansion, a limited number of residential and commercial plots in the Overseas block are available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis, with non-resident Pakistanis as the only residents. As the block’s title suggests, this square’s target audience consists of Pakistanis who are dual nationals or foreign nationals.

Furthermore, Chakri Road provides direct access to The Overseas Block. Furthermore, this site values its allotted gate, which leads straight into the society’s main entrance. Furthermore, the lodging project will have access to the Rawalpindi Ring Road, which would connect Blue World City Rawalpindi to Motorway M-2 and Islamabad City in two years. Furthermore, given its wonderful and engaging neighborhood, the extension is attracting a lot of interest from local and international investors.

Apartments in Space

Orbital Flats in Blue City provide a luxurious lifestyle in a best-in-class setting. No other flat-alternative in Pakistan can compare to this if you want to be surrounded by beautiful scenery all day. It also has all of the high-level attractions and conveniences, such as the world’s tallest horse mascots, a recreational water park, and a 208-foot-wide orbital promenade with lush greenery and well-kept open gardens. In Pakistan, all opulent lives at affordable prices are rare, reclassifying the entire concept of extravagance living with highlights.

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