What range should you expect the penetration testing price to fall in?

Juliet D'cruz

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If you wish to uncover vulnerabilities in your site before the hackers do then, website penetration testing is the answer. Penetration testing is a very methodological process and the range and scope may vary from website to website. For some static websites, a few tests would be sufficient whereas large companies may need a number of extensive tests frequently. All this can sometimes be confusing for average users. As users need to allocate a budget for their website security. But given the many constraints involved, they may find it difficult to determine the range in which penetration testing price should fall.

This article aims to help users by giving a simple overview of how penetration testing price works. Also, it will also help you determine the penetration testing plan you should choose for your website.

Penetration Testing Price for Personal Blogs

Personal blogs and static websites typically consist of a few pages. Hence, OWASP’s top 10 and a few other tests would be sufficient to determine the vulnerabilities in them. The basic plan that exists is specially designed for such websites. This includes 300+ security tests, online support, and other benefits.

Frequency of Scans

The frequency of scans is also important as over time some things may change in the website making it vulnerable. For static websites, these changes can be:

  • An update in the underlying software.
  • Discovery of bugs in the software.
  • Addition of new pages or elements in the website.

So, keep a tab on changes in your website and choose the frequency of basic scans based on that. The penetration testing price for one basic scan (with standard tests) per year can range somewhere between $300 to $400.

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Penetration Testing Price for Small Websites

Small websites are one of the most lucrative targets for hackers as they drive sufficient traffic but security measures are lax. Hence, such websites should go for a little advanced testing methods based on their budget. A few extra tests like business logic testing, and payment manipulation testing, networks devices configurations etc should be added.

Frequency of Scans

In small websites, as the company grows, more and more features are added rapidly. These features can include:

  • New plugins, themes, etc.
  • Additional software like load balancers etc.
  • More pages providing additional features.

These new additions can also result in new additional bugs. Therefore, to deal with them such websites are advised to go for expert scans at least twice a year. The penetration testing price range for such websites can fall between $500 to $600 per scan. Whereas if users go for more scans per year, most services offer discounts and it will cost less per scan.

Penetration Testing Price for Big Businesses

For big businesses, a single cyber attack can lead to massive revenue loss. In some cases, the entire business may collapse or can lead to fall in online reputation via SEO spam or redirection hack. Hence, they need a comprehensive website penetration testing plan which covers all the endpoints. One such customized plan is the elite plan by Astra. Designed keeping in mind the needs of big businesses, this plan comes with 1250+ security scans, 2 rescans, custom security advice, video POCs and much much more.


Given the huge infrastructure of big businesses, the website is usually large and thus contains many sensitive endpoints.  These can be:

  • Product pages.
  • Payment modules.
  • Employee Login pages.
  • Web APIs.
  • Shopping pages.

Each of them may be running different software and hence bugs can slip in. Moreover, some security loopholes may have been left while creating such a huge infrastructure.

Therefore for such sites, quarterly scans are optimal. Since these scans should also be advanced given the complexities in a big organization, the penetration testing prices could be anywhere between $800 to $1000 per scan.


To conclude, it can be said that it is necessary to take proactive steps to protect your website else attackers are always on the lookout for such websites. Doing a website VAPT is the best proactive step that lets you patch vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them. Such tests can range anywhere between $200 to $2000 per test. If you’re confused between the many choices for a penetration testing service, Astra Security has been the top choice for the diaspora we mentioned in this article.

What sets the penetration testing plans of Astra apart is that they are customized for different types of users. So why overpay when the penetration testing price of Astra gives you value for money. Another important feature is that the intuitive dashboard of Astra shows the issues with your website in real-time. For more inquiries, there is always dedicated customer support available. So why wait for hackers to attack? Get your website penetration testing done today!

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