CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Preparation Tips

Juliet D'cruz

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With exams knocking at the door, students will surely have several doubts in their minds about last-moment preparation to appear in the CBSE class 12th Mathematics board exam. Because it is a core subject, Maths demands a deep knowledge of all theories along with proper usage of formulas through logical and step-by-step approaches.

However, several students think that maths is an extremely intimidating subject. But, with a good-enough understanding of all the theories coupled with more and more practice, students can do very well in the subject. Because we are dealing with a pandemic this year, students have to put in a lot of extra work to have a good score in the exams because they are expected to utilise the extra time they have got to prepare with Vedantu class 12 maths.

In this article, we will discuss a few tips to assist students to escape the dread, prepare well and pass their exam with flying colours.

Important Tips for Preparation

  • Go Through The Latest Question Paper Pattern (2021–2022) – All students need to have a thorough knowledge of the latest Maths question paper pattern. According to the most recent Sample Paper uploaded by CBSE on their official website, the class 12 board question paper will have 38 questions, which will be divided into two parts – A and B. Part A will have sections I & II while Part B will have sections III, IV & V. Students have to attempt all 5 sections(apart from the case study questions – number 17 and 18). Students will be provided with internal choice of questions in the following sections –
  • Section III – 3 questions
  • Section IV – 2 questions
  • Section V – 3 questions 

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Students only have to answer any ONE of the options in these questions.

  • Study the Syllabus carefully – If you want to score well, you need to have a good strategy for preparation. This can be extremely helpful to get better marks in the exam. You have to be aware of not just the exam pattern, but also the new and revised syllabus of CBSE. Students have to cover every relevant topic as well as concept. This is possible only through the preparation of a well-made study plan. From the exam point of view, it is mandatory to go through the entire syllabus given in the NCERT book. The whole question paper will revolve around these concepts that are covered in the book.
  • Solve the CBSE Sample Paper for 2021-2022 Mathematics – CBSE provides sample papers in every academic session. Students must be careful and solve the papers with concentration because the pattern of examination is different from 2020-21. The Sample Paper for Mathematics is uploaded on Ensure that you practise them thoroughly.
  • Jot down your notes – To master mathematics, one has to learn, remember and apply the formulas, theorems as well as concepts. For cracking the class XII board exams, it is important not only to complete the class syllabus but also the formulas of the past classes. It is a good idea to write down separate notes just for the formulae, theorems and steps for eleventh-hour preparation.
  • Create a timetable for yourself – Allocate time to every subject in the syllabus daily in the timetable. This will balance out the whole process. It is not uncommon to get bored of one subject if studied for a long time. Therefore, combine a variety of subjects. Solve several questions step-by-step regularly. Maths is not focused only on deriving the correct answer. Students should also focus on steps to score good marks because CBSE counts step markings.
  • Solve your confusions – Take notice of the conceptual doubts and problem points. Maths will only be interesting till the time a student can solve all problems effectively. It will undoubtedly seem like a compulsion if you start to get stuck. This will lead to you losing interest. The best way out is to practice every type of question to gain clarity of all concepts. Self-testing is important and helpful to find out your weak points to improve the overall scoring.
  • Taking breaks is important – Acknowledge that the human body needs adequate rest and healing time. Make sure that you take short breaks between your study sessions. It is not advisable to watch TV or play a round of games on your mobile or laptop because this will stress your eyes even further. Rather than that, go outside to play or engage in an indoor game to relax your mind. Remember to not ignore your recreational and extra-curricular activities such as sports, singing or dancing. Such activities enable you to focus more on your studies with a fresh mind.
  • Practise as much as possible – As the board exams approach, amp up the number of mock tests, previous years’ papers, and sample papers that you are solving. Ensure that you are solving a minimum of one complete question paper per day with a time limit of 3 hours only. This will allow you to boost your speed while making you acquainted with the kind of problems given in the final exam. It will lend you insight into the frequently asked chapters and topics in the exam as well as let you evaluate yourself. While solving a mock paper, do not leave aside the details. Put headings and highlight the keywords by underlining with a pencil. This process is going to help you proceed with the correct process of answering the questions.

It is known that Maths gets better with practice. If you practise more, you will understand the concepts much better. It will also help you understand the practical application of formulas, thereby letting you score high in your CBSE class 12 mathematics board exam.

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