Common Reasons For Boating Accidents 

Juliet D'cruz

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Boating is usually a nice activity to do on a Sunday with your family. However, this fun experience can soon turn into a nightmare if proper care is not taken. From negligent and unskilled operators to careless visitors, boat accidents that result in serious injuries can occur from various causes. 

If you fall in the water due to a boating accident, you could become a victim of accidental drowning or acquire lifelong injuries. A personal injury attorney in atlanta georgia can help seek compensation for boating accidents. Meanwhile, here are a few common reasons why boating accidents usually happen. 

Common reasons for boating accidents

  • The boat operator is under the influence. 

Whether it is a car on the road or a boat in the lake, alcohol, and drugs can significantly impair the operator’s ability to handle the vehicle. When a boat captain consumes alcohol and drugs right before operating a watercraft, their driving skills become impaired, leading to devastating accidents. 

  • Inattentive operator. 

It is easy to let your attention slide when you are boating. However, operating a boat is a major responsibility, and you should not let your mind move here and there when multiple people’s lives are at stake. Boating accidents happen in the water, which means you have the risk of ending up in a situation where you cannot even breathe or scream for your life. Therefore, they are particularly more dangerous. 

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  • Excessive speed.

You are usually told to drive at a safe speed on the road to avoid clashing with other vehicles. Now, if someone tells you to go at a slow speed on the water, it may make you think that there is no traffic on the water, and thus, going slow does not make sense. However, that is not true. When boat operators or captains drive safely, they are more likely to spot obstacles and dangers and react to them. Also, exceeding the speed limits can result in clashes with other boats. 

  • Inexperienced operator. 

Just like teenagers who newly received their driver’s license are more likely to cause a collision, an inexperienced boat operator poses a danger to the people on the boat. When you try a new activity, you are prone to mistakes, and it takes several tries to perfect it. However, even a minor error in boat operation can have significant damages. 

  • Equipment malfunction. 

Many boating accidents occur because of defective motors, steering mechanisms, and other essential parts of the boat. One should regularly conduct the boat’s maintenance and ensure it is safe for use before taking it out on the water. 

It takes only slight negligence to turn a beautiful day at the lake into a boating accident. No person should bear the consequences of another person’s carelessness. Hire an attorney to understand your legal rights and options. 

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