Tips on Hiring the Right House Painters for Your Boulder, CO Residence

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Homeowners in Boulder, Colorado, may prefer to hire contractors to paint their houses. This is because the experts are more likely to do an excellent job with the project, and they often use high-quality materials. If you are one of these homeowners, you might see that there are hundreds of companies offering their services in your locality.

So, how do you find the right one?

Following these tips will ensure that you will find the right professionals that will do the painting job right the first time. You can read more about some tips on this site. Meanwhile, here are others that may prove helpful to you.

Meet with the Contractors

Call at least three companies and meet them so you will have an idea whether they are easy to work with or not. You can start with references from friends and families who have hired painters in the past. In the initial meeting, you need to be at home so they can assess the job and do estimates in front of you. Sometimes, the longer the contractor takes to make estimates, the more accurate the figures you will get. 

Even if the painter has a decade of experience, he will still need to work around and see other parts of the home. They will have to determine the property’s overall size, the number of the crew he needs, and their experience level.

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Ensure that they Do a Lot of Preparation

One of the more expensive and time-consuming processes in painting is prep work. Aside from the number of coats that need to be applied on the walls, the experts at Foothills Painting will also let you know about the preparations and the primer required to have the finish that you want. One of the keys to a successful painting project is adequate preparation. 

If you want a smooth surface and ensure that the peeling old colors are removed thoroughly, you have to tell the contractors. However, you should be prepared to pay an extra fee for this. However, if you could live with the imperfections for a time, you can always agree with the minimum prep level. Just research what is acceptable and what is not when prepping the surfaces.

Get Estimates from Companies

A written estimate will help you choose the right contractor for the job. The best ones in Boulder, Colorado, will write down the materials they will use, the hourly labor, the number of paint cans, coats, primer, the brand, and a detailed description of what they will do once you give them the job.

It’s worth noting that the most expensive ones aren’t usually the best and beware of the cheapest rates. You need a contractor who can offer you a high-quality painting job at a reasonable rate.

Check their Portfolio and Preferences

Their previous jobs will tell you a lot of everything that you need to know. Ask them for references that you could call and find their experience with that particular company in Colorado. If most customers say that they’ve had an excellent experience with a contractor, then they might be the right one for you. Stellar feedback and ratings are a good sign.

Examine the previous jobs that the painters did a few years ago and the ones they do today. Compare and see if there are improvements or if they are holding up. It is best to see the recent jobs they have done so you will have an idea about the current skill and experience of the company’s crew.

Consider their Credentials

Credentials like licenses, insurance, certificates, and trade memberships are essential. It will tell you that the people you are dealing with are experts in what they do. Some have joined local business groups in Colorado, and while this is not usually a guarantee of their work, this is a sign that they are reliable and committed to their jobs. 

Verify their licenses through reference sites and check their feedback from the Better Business Bureau. Contact the local office of the attorney general or consumer affairs to see if the company has a lot of unresolved complaints or a history of a lawsuit. See more posts about consumer complaints on this website:

Get a Copy of a Complete Contract

You need to obtain a copy of the contract before the work starts on your property. The paper should include the name, cell numbers, address, office, email, license number, and other crucial information that you need to ensure that the company is legitimate. The estimates and further details are also included and the job description.

Get copies of the contractor’s insurance certificates and workers’ compensation. If they do not have any insurance coverage, warranties or guarantees, know that you’re going to be entirely liable if something goes wrong. Some homeowners find themselves caught on a hook when one of the contractors’ ladders falls on your neighbor’s vehicle, or one of the contractors gets hurt while on the job.

Ask for Guarantees

Painters should promise to do repairs or work on flaking, blistering, peeling, and chipping in just months after everything is finished. The best ones in Boulder, Colorado, will provide you with guarantees that there will not be any chalking or excessive fading after two years. 

If any of these happen, they should be able to do the repainting at a minimum cost or no extra expense to you at all. If paints have warranties, know that this does not necessarily include the overall labor. The professionals’ work is a more costly proposition than the materials used, so it is best to get guarantees from the company before they can work on the project.

Choose the Paints Yourself and Avoid Lead

The painter may try to talk to you about the paint brand he prefers to use, but you should decide the finish you want. There is matte, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss options for you, and it is your home, so this is something that you should decide on. 

Another thing to consider is the lead content of the paint. This is prevalent for houses built before 1978, and the homeowners and the professionals need to take precautions to avoid hazards and health issues.

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