Dental and Facial Injuries Resulting from Vehicle Accidents

Juliet D'cruz

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It’s very common for an auto accident victim to develop dental and facial injuries. As these injuries often occur along with other more serious, and at times life-threatening injuries, people tend to overlook them. 

However, the fact is that auto accident-induced dental and facial injuries can even result in life-long deformities. Victims may also need to undergo surgeries due to these injuries. So, you must treat them with equal seriousness as other auto accident injuries. 

It’s also important for you to know that you are eligible for compensation for all kinds of facial and dental injuries caused by vehicle accidents. Speak to a top injury attorney in your area to know more about your rights. 

Do you want to know more about vehicle accident-induced facial and dental injuries? The section below comes with some crucial information for you. 

How Auto Accidents Result in Face and Tooth Injuries?

Auto accidents result in dental and facial injuries mostly due to the following:

  • Flying debris
  • Shattered glass
  • Face getting thrashed on one of the side windows
  • Face getting thrashes on the steering wheel or dashboard
  • Ejection from the vehicle 
  • Hitting the windshield 
  • Face getting thrashed on the airbag (this happens primarily due to the rapid rate at which airbags inflate following a collision; they usually inflate as rapidly as 200 miles/hour) 

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Types of Dental and Facial Injuries You May Have Due to an Auto Accident

Lacerations: Laceration is the medical term used for deep cuts on the skin. Facial lacerations resulting from vehicle accidents often lead to permanent scarring. 

Burns: Auto accidents often cause explosions and fires, which can lead to facial burns. Treatment for such injuries may include complex procedures like skin grafting. What’s disturbing is that if it’s a serious burn, it’s almost impossible to remove scars entirely. 

Eye Injuries: A vehicle accident victim can develop eye injuries of different grades due to flying debris. Eye injuries also often take place due to severe brain injuries taking place due to an auto accident. Victims can lose their vision temporarily or even permanently due to these accidents. 

Bone fractures: It’s not very uncommon for vehicle accidents to leave victims with broken facial bones. The bones that are affected more frequently than others are the maxilla, the mandible, and the nasal bones. 

The injury or damage of the above-mentioned bones can cause permanent deformities. These changes can have a bad impact on the physical appearance of the victim. 

Dental Injuries: Auto accidents result in different kinds of dental injuries. The most common ones among them are luxated teeth, fractures, and avulsed teeth. 

The condition “avulsed teeth” involves complete knocking out of a tooth from its socket. If the tooth remains out of its sockets for more than a couple of hours, it’s unlikely that you’ll get back your original tooth. 

The term “luxated tooth”, on the other hand, refers to the loosening of a tooth. Putting back a luxated tooth to its position is comparatively easier. 

Final Words

Whatever might be the intensity of the facial and dental injuries you have suffered due to an auto accident you must make sure you get the compensation you deserve. This makes speaking to a competent personal injury attorney important for you following the accident. 

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