Effective Teaching: How to Become an Impactful Teacher

Juliet D'cruz

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effective teaching

Can you recall a favorite instructor from your school days? They inspired you, made you happy, or taught you something new. They could have done all three of these things. Students are left with a lasting impression by good teachers. 

This brings us to the fundamental question you frequently hear discussed: what is the role of teacher, what characterizes a “good” teacher, and how to become one. 

Even if they’ve been teaching for a long time, many teachers wonder if they have the attributes of a good teacher. This topic invariably elicits many responses and recommendations, some based on sound pedagogical theory, some on years of hard-won classroom experience, and yet others on classroom study and reflection. 

There are no all-encompassing definite answers to these questions. Here are the most important questions answered regarding a teachers role in a students career life:


Experts looked at what people think makes a good teacher in their study. Effectiveness was one of the most important attributes of a competent teacher. To put it another way, how was the classroom’s emotional climate? As you might expect, effective teachers were seen as kind, warm, and welcoming. 

On the other hand, ineffective teachers’ classrooms were described as frigid and tense. This was the most important quality of an excellent instructor. So, if you’re compassionate and warm, you’re off to a good start. 

Other experts suggested that having a place in the classroom for laughter is also vital. Good mental health and a generally cheerful attitude are also significant traits of good people. Teachers must be accessible to their students at all times. 

When students ask questions, teachers who respond cheerfully and take the opportunity to answer, even after the bell has rung, are more effective, and students regard them favorably.

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Exceptional Teaching Abilities:

Teacher abilities are defined as how well a teacher manages classroom time and how learning occurs in the classroom. Signs of a good teacher, according to experts, include being organized, prepared, and straightforward. 

Another quality of a good teacher is that they engage students in creative learning methods. On the other hand, unsuccessful teachers are unproductive, uninteresting, and unorganized.

Knowledgeable Teachers:

Teachers must have a thorough understanding of the subject matter to teach it successfully. An effective teacher will be able to respond to questions as they arise, provide clear answers, and adjust to the needs of the students.

The greatest way to see if you grasp a subject is to try to teach it, as the saying goes. You comprehend the subject matter if you can explain it easily. If not, it’s time to return to the drawing board!

Personal Motivation:

Teacher’s Motivation is another quality that distinguishes good teachers. Teachers who are enthusiastic and motivated are far more impactful. On the other hand, teachers are seen as ineffectual when they stay at their desks all day or show no enthusiasm in their lectures. 


Effective teachers urge their students to participate. They welcome questions from students and strive to provide authentic, hands-on learning opportunities, and fulfill the role of teacher.

Summing Up:

To be effective, teachers must think that they can make a significant difference. Teachers who don’t believe they have much of an impact on their students or don’t believe they influence them will be less effective. So, be conscious of the importance you possess as a teacher! You have the power to make a difference in the lives of your kids.

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