Top Best Electric Longboards 2020

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Top Best Electric Longboards 2020


Electric longboards give the rider a great feeling of comfort in curves, straight and sloped areas. It allows the rider to slide smoothly for longer distances without being exhausted and sweaty. Electric longboards will add more fun to your ride. You can travel around your college campus, take to work, explore a city or enjoy a park or go for a shopping tour. 


You can also develop some artistic skills with an electric longboard as it comes with the same flexibility, stability and balance as normal skateboards. 


The electric longboards come in various sizes for all age groups. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a learner or skilled rider, you can adjust the speed according to your skills.  You can have an exciting and lovely riding experience with an electric longboard. You can have an overview of the top best electric longboards in 2020 and find the board that suits you the best. 


         Some Of The Best Electric Longboards Are:

  • Hiboy S22 Dual Brushless Motor Electric Longboard

The Hiboy S22 electric longboard is fun to ride where the riders can enjoy riding it. The board is charged with a 350W dual hub motor. The dual hub motor attains a speed of 18.5 miles per hour. There are 4 ride modes and 4 break modes in this electric longboard which makes the ride safer with a good brake system. With this electric longboard, you can climb a hill. The rechargeable electric longboard allows control over the speed using the wireless remote control. It comes in a U shape design. 



  • It takes approximately 2 hrs for an electric charge.
  • 20 Lithium-ion batteries present in this longboard. 


  • Swagtron Swag Skate NG3 Electric Longboard

With this electric longboard, you can attain a maximum speed of 9.3 miles per hour. The rider can travel long distances with very few kicks. There are responsive sensors attached to this longboard that detects your motion and weight. When you get off from the board, it stops automatically within seconds. 


You can travel up to 6 miles if the battery is fully charged. Don’t worry you can still take a ride even if it runs out of power. The electric longboard can bring you back home with your muscular strength just like a normal board. It has a wide deck made from polypropylene avoiding wear and tear or cracks. The wheels stop you from getting shocks on uneven grounds. A special trick is the LED rear indicators which notify when your board is set in motion. 



  • It takes approximately 90 minutes of electric charge.
  • It has LED rear indicators.


  •  SKATEBOLT Breeze II Electric Longboard

The SKATEBOLT Breeze II electric longboard has 4-speed modes that allow you to ride up to 28 miles per hour. A fully charged battery allows you to travel distances up to 15 miles in medium form. The board has a dual 350 W motor which is strong enough to climb a hill. There are 4 brake settings in this  SKATEBOLT Breeze II.


This electric longboard has an adjustable wireless remote system that can be balanced during the ride. It has 2 built-in tail lights that flash when you apply brakes. An LED button is present on the remote control where you can continue travelling at the same current speed. 



  • It has replaceable motors.
  • The deck is made out of bamboo and glass fibre.


  • E- Lifing 37” Electric Longboard – Dual Drive Motorized Longboard

This electric longboard has dual motors of 450W where you attain a speed of up to 23 mph. A fully loaded battery allows you to travel for 12 – 15 miles. The smart remote control system with this board allows you to adjust the speed at three different levels. You can also accelerate at your own suitable speed.  The remote control notifies you about the battery holding power along with your current speed and riding distance.



You can travel up to 15 miles with this electric longboard.

The board has a smart remote control.

  • URBANPRO Brushless Motor Electric Longboard

URBANPRO’S electric longboard is another good choice if you love adventures. The waist deck is 35-inch broad and is perfect for adults and teenagers. It includes a lithium-ion battery of 36v 4.0AH which takes 3 hours to charge. The brushless motor has a power of 400W which allows you to travel for a maximum of 10 miles. You also can defeat up to 20% grade hills.


The electric longboard has high-quality wheels which give you an excellent grip and assures you a smooth and stable ride. It comes with a remote control where you can set your speed, brake, accelerate, and even reverse. It is appropriate for both beginners and experienced riders as the board has 3 different speed modes



  • It provides a strong grip force.
  • It has 11 layers of the maple-fibreglass deck.



So whenever you decide to buy electric longboards, the design should not only be your criteria. When choosing the most suitable longboard, your age and riding skills must also be taken into consideration.  There are many well-known and reputable stores online where you can get such electric longboards. You can rest assured about the quality of the decks. Some of the best online stores are:


  • E L Skateboards
  • Hoverboards Guide
  • Meepo Board

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