Enhancing Your Trade Show Display Using Multimedia

Charlotte Miller

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Multimedia displays at trade shows are now common to see on the exhibit floor. Any booth you approach will be seeking to get your attention with a mix of lights, audio, and video.

Considering how effective they are in the competitive world of trade shows nowadays, this is not surprising. Multimedia presentations, when appropriately utilized or custom trade show displays, can help you produce more leads and make an impression on guests that they will never forget.

How Can You Improve Your Trade Show Display With Multimedia?

Multimedia content is information that is displayed using a combination of text, pictures, sounds, lights, and movement.

Exhibitors often use digital signage, an ordinary multimedia tool, to attract visitors’ attention. Usually, these eye-catching displays use text and images to target specific audiences with advertising.

Other types of multimedia include:

  • Custom video
  • LED displays
  • Interactive games
  • Digital kiosks
  • Backlit displays
  • Animation
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Banner stands

For your multimedia show, consider these basic dos and don’ts:

Do You Have a Goal?

What is the goal of your multimedia? Your purpose will heavily influence your design decisions. Let us take a situation where your goal is to establish yourself as a thought leader. You can include educational graphics in your trade fair multimedia, such as infographics and animated visuals, to break down industry topics.

Do Not Take Short Cuts

Your show-floor reputation might suffer from cheap trade show multimedia. When conducting a presentation or completing a deal, the last thing you want is for a display to fall apart.

Do Share a Story

Utilizing visual storytelling to connect with your audience and leave a lasting impression is an effective strategy. Determine what emotion you would like your audience to have. Thrills? Feeling nostalgic? Then, sell them on this feeling by using visual storytelling. This could be narrated over video or using graphics. There are endless possibilities.

Do not Give Long Presentations

Most visitors do not want to and will not spend most of their visit at a single exhibit. Try to complete your presentation within ten minutes and show interest in your audience. If you go on longer than required, attendees can leave and miss the key point of your display.

Do Consider the Booth Size

Both large and small booths have advantages and drawbacks when it comes to incorporating multimedia at trade shows. Take care while using larger booths so as not to overwhelm guests with loud sounds and visuals.

Do not Forget to Practice

Technology tends to break down at the most awkward times, whether your background music is unstable or your television displays are not working. Planning your multimedia show can help to reduce the likelihood of both technical malfunction and human error, such as missing vital information during a presentation.