Herbs For Better Lifestyle

Juliet D'cruz

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People are returning to herbs. It is really nice to know. We are evolved with nature and still evolving with it. So, we can’t remove it completely from our system. If we try to do so we have to face consequences including lack of energy, weakened immune system, cardiovascular issues, longevity issues, and various other health problems. Yes people are understanding the importance of the herbs but we all are not fortunate enough to get them as we have lost the areas where these existed. But somewhere in the jungle these are still available. Herbalife took the responsibility to reach these herbs to people. So that everyone can get benefited from these herbs. These are not only a supplement but a new way to live a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Here are some herbs and their health benefits that you should consider for living an extraordinary life. 

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  • Garlic: It is a wonderful herb that includes various nutritions including vitamin c, manganese, selenium, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B, copper, and others. Though we use it in our meal as a spice, it must be used in good amounts in our daily life. You can take it as you get up early in the morning so that you can enjoy the better immunity. It is burning taste and has issues after taste but really helps you in reducing blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, promoting good cholesterol levels, and others. As it is a great source of antioxidants it is very helpful in preventing Alzheimer’s Disease as well as dementia. Also very good for improving mental ability. 
  • Turmeric: Another herb that is used as a spice in our kitchen. It contains very powerful medicinal properties with better bioactive compounds. There is curcumin that is natural and very good anti- inflammatory which is really helpful in killing pathogens without inflammation. Very helpful in boosting brain ability and improving brain functions. It is great for cardio health, free radical releases reduction, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and others. Actually, we take it day to day life but unable to get in good amounts. It affects your taste buds if you consume it in higher amounts.  So, it is better to take it as a supplement. 
  • Neem: This herb has been a member of our family since ages. It’s leaf and extracts are very useful in eye disorders, leprosy, bloody nose, heart issues, blood  vessel health, gum disease, fever, leprosy, liver issues, skin issues, appetite, intestine health, and many more. But there are two major issues like taste and it is hard to find the trees. Even you can’t plant the tree simply as you do mango and others. Still you can enjoy the health benefits of it by taking it as a supplement. Don’t go for the random brands, choose the leading and renowned brands like Herbalife for it. 

Enjoy your health with these herbs which are available in the supplement forms. If you have a common health, it is the right time to start taking the supplement. But don’t give up taking them in natural form. 

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