Here Are Some Must Follow Styling Tips for Bucket Hats

Juliet D'cruz

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Bucket hats have made a huge comeback and gained immense popularity in recent years. Although their history dates back to the 60s as a part of the mod style, the bucket hats have transcended over the years and have become quite popular with finishing enthusiasts and hip hop lovers. Even big Hollywood stars are also huge fans of hats, and bucket hats were at the top of their list of hats.

Today, the bucket hats have made their loop back into the fashion arena, and you will easily spot people sporting it on their heads, including your favorite musicians, supermodels, and it-girls!

If you also have bought the latest bucket hats in Canada, here are some excellent ways to style them.

Colored bucket hat

Colors add life to any outfit or accessory. If you are looking for some great ways to integrate colors into your wardrobe, having a statement hat in your favorite color could be the best thing you could do. It is time to take your bucket hat look to the next level by color drenching—an excellent style where you have to dress in similar tints from head to toe. For instance, you could match your hat with a specific type of clothing, including a blazer or a pair of pants in the same color pattern.

Black bucket hat

You could never go wrong with a classic black bucket hat. Whether you are wearing a gorgeous outfit for your date or at your college sports event, your black bucket hat has got you covered. This hat will give the much needed finishing touch to your outfit.

Patchwork bucket hat

If you love to take risks, you could try your hand at a patchwork bucket hat. This hat usually has a strong focus on embroideries, patterns, and textures. Such a hat will speak for you without you having to open your mouth. Wear it with a little black dress or any utilitarian outfit, and it will completely transform your outfit and make you look gorgeous than ever before. If not this, you could wear something else that has more prints in pastel colors such as earth green, etc.

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Patchwork princes

A patchwork-inspired bucket hat, which focuses more on distinctive embroideries, materials, and designs, is a good option for daring fashionistas. In a simple LBD or utilitarian ensemble, you may let the hat speak for its own. Alternatively, go all out using pattern exploration by sticking to a strong, cohesive silhouette and mixing patterns and designs from the same color scheme (earth tones, pastels, etc.).

Denim bucket hat with primary colors

Follow Cardi B’s lead and wear a denim bucket and bright, bold colors for the ultimate ’90s kid look. If bright colors aren’t your style, opt for a plain white T-shirt and trousers instead, channeling the spirit of something like the decade, including double black jeans.

Try color drenching

Add a pop of color to your outfit with a statement bucket hat in your favorite color. More yet, bring your bucket hat appearance to the next level by color drenching — a fashion that entails clothing in identical tones from head – to – toe. Complement your bucket hat with such a significant item of apparel in the very same color palette, including a jacket or a pair of slacks. You can also try getting hat bands that will add more style and boldness to your outfit. There’s a wide range of bands in different colors available from different makers online. You can pick the best band as per your pre your faces and style of your outfit. 

At the beach

Ultimately, one of the finest ways to use a bucket hat is to use it for sun protection. A bucket hat is the ideal beach accessory because it protects both your neck and face from harmful UV rays. Of course, if you manage to match your swimwear to your hat and then get a photo opportunity while doing so, that’s fantastic as well.

If you still think about a bucket hat of all the other options, then the answer is quite simple—it’s easy to use, practical, and can also act as a storage spot for fishing flies. Besides, these hats are excellent to travel with. All you need to do is fold them up, stuff them into your bag, and forget their shape. Considering these fantastic styling tips, you should consider buying bucket hats.

You can easily look for the best quality bucket hats online and buy them at the most affordable prices. However, make sure that you always take a fresh opinion from a stylist or designer before adding any bucket hat to your wardrobe. The perfect type of bucket hat will help you in turning heads wherever you go. 

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