Here’s Why Lingual Braces Are a Thing of Past

When we talk about the treatment of orthodontic issues, the first thing that comes to our mind is the traditional metal and lingual braces. The sheer pain and discomfort that comes along with traditional metal and lingual braces shakes us to the core, isn’t it? Moreover, this sometimes makes us delay the orthodontic treatment. Delaying the orthodontic treatment increases the risk of other oral problems, such as cavities, gum problems, trouble while chewing and speaking, thus degrading our overall oral health. 

If you are looking for a seamless and comfortable way to fix your orthodontic issues and transform your smile, then we’ve got something for you. With changing time and technology, orthodontists have come up with the best solution to give you a smile makeover – ‘clear aligners’. 

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Are you wondering how clear aligners have replaced lingual braces and made them a thing of the past? Let us tell you! 

How do clear aligners fix your orthodontic issues? 

Clear aligners are an advanced and upgraded alternative to traditional metal and lingual braces that seamlessly align your teeth and transform your smile. They are a custom-made set of plastic trays prepared using digital designs of the individual’s jaw. They align your teeth by applying gentle and constant pressure and moving your teeth to the required position. Unlike traditional metal and lingual braces, which are completely stuck to your teeth, clear aligners are completely removable. 

Unlike traditional and lingual braces, which often bruise and irritate your cheeks and jaw, clear aligners do not cause any such inconvenience and are far more comfortable. 

Let us now see the benefits of clear aligners over traditional metal and lingual braces. 

Advantages of choosing clear aligners to transform your smile

  • Clear aligners do not restrict you from eating any food item

traditional metal and lingual braces restrict you from eating food items that are hard to chew or may cause damage to the metal wires and brackets. On the other hand, as clear aligners are completely removable, there is no chance of any food item causing harm to it. Therefore, you can enjoy eating your favourite food without any restrictions. 

  • Clear aligners are easier to clean

As traditional metal and lingual braces are completely stuck to your teeth, they often pose a hassle while cleaning and brushing. Moreover, there are high chances of food getting stuck in between the metal wires and brackets, making it more difficult for you to clean daily. On the other hand, as clear aligners are completely removable, they do not cause inconvenience while cleaning or flossing your teeth and reduces the risk of food getting stuck in between your teeth. 

  • Clear aligners are comfortable  

No one wants to give up on their comfort because they wanted to get their smile makeover done. Are we right, or are we right? While lingual braces are super uncomfortable and painful, clear aligners give you the maximum comfort and smile makeover simultaneously. 

Transparent aligners have become one of the leading and most preferred ways to fix your orthodontic issues and transform your smile and have replaced traditional metal and lingual braces for good. So, whenever you plan for a smile makeover, you can start by searching for ‘buy teeth braces online in India’ and ‘order braces online. Moreover, let us tell you that you should go for a trusted and reputed brand, like toothsi. They offer one of the best and seamless smile makeovers in the comfort of your home. What’s more? Their orthodontists are just a video call away from you! So, book your online consultation with toothsi today and start your smile transformation today!