How QR Codes Are Used For Proper Waste Disposal Campaigns

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How QR Codes Are Used For Proper Waste Disposal Campaigns

Collecting, segregating, and treating waste is a huge endeavor for any country.

In fact, urban residents produce 1.3 billion tons of waste yearly, double that of rural residents. If this goes on with no solid initiatives to improve proper waste disposal, it can greatly affect the environment and the people who live near these landfills.

Because of that, some environment offices are now reinforcing modernized campaigns to inform people about proper waste disposal using QR codes. 

With a QR code generator online, city governments and organizations can come up with more effective ways to share helpful information about proper waste disposal. 

Do you want to know how they do it? Here are a few use cases of using QR codes for proper waste management.

How can cities use QR codes for proper waste disposal?

Share waste disposal infographics with QR codes

Want to deliver a clear yet attention-grabbing waste disposal campaign? You can create an infographic about how to properly segregate waste, and post them with a QR code so people can save this handy guide on their phones. 

You can encourage more residents to read your waste management poster and save a high-quality infographic on their smartphones. 

With the saved image, you can let the informed residents share the photos with others and increase the number of people receiving the picture effortlessly.

Redirect people to a video QR code Tutorial

Residents who don’t have enough time to read lengthy instructions can opt to watch a three-minute video instead. 

City management offices can store the video tutorial using a video QR code and place it in their print materials. They can then post it in public spaces such as bus stations, community bulletin boards, and more. 

Residents can easily learn how to practice waste segregation properly by following the video. They can also come back to it easily as the link or file is already saved on their phones.

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Portal to monthly webinar invites on waste disposal

Getting residents involved in proper garbage disposal lies in the hands of City Waste Management offices.

Since everyone is affected when garbage is not properly disposed, these offices need to step up their campaign to minimize the waste in landfills and teach people how to recycle or upcycle. 

To do this, they can organize a monthly waste repurposing event or webinar and encourage residents or homeowners to join. 

And as a way for residents to get into the webinars, the organizers can post the invitation QR codes online, or in the busy areas of the city so they reach more people.

They can personalize their invite QR code designs using a QR code generator with logo software online so it looks legitimate and pops up from all the other ads. 

QR codes as a gateway to Waste Management Hotlines

If you’ve been enduring the stench left by your city’s garbage truck, or any related concerns in waste disposal, you can easily reach your City Waste Management office through QR codes.

They can do it by placing their hotline QR code in their offices, garbage collection trucks, state-owned trash bins, and public information bulletin boards. 

Residents can scan the code and save the City Waste Management’s hotline on their smartphones. 

Cities worldwide can take the modernized initiative to strengthen their campaigns on proper waste disposal using QR codes.

You can reach the older generation with good old flyer and brochure campaigns, and reach an even bigger number of millennials and Gen Z online with QR codes, as they’re the ones who are always on their phones.

This way, they can also share the links and posts online, and the ripple effect of your campaigns will be even bigger. 

You can try to pitch in these ideas to your city waste management offices and discover new possibilities to elevate information sharing using QR codes today. 

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