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Knowledge is power. The way we gain knowledge in life is not limited to one or two sources. With the revolution in technology, the knowledge sources and ways have drastically improved. In earlier decades, when technology wasn’t so advanced or not accessible to millions, the source of knowledge was limited to books.

However, the digital revolution has improved the sphere of knowledge. Since knowledge is important for everyone especially, youngsters the real fact is that it is very hard for them to get interested in it. The young students, quite a lot of them, find it hard to keep themselves engaged in gaining knowledge. 

Even with the revolution in technology, online classes, and courses, they do not engage in it as much as they should. It becomes like a matter of compulsion for them, but they don’t do it wholeheartedly. 

Keeping that matter of concern in mind, in 2019, a social-audio knowledge platform called the Bolkar App was launched. It is a platform that is working towards making knowledge enjoyable.


Bolkar App is an audio-based knowledge-sharing platform.

Bolkar believes learning should be fun, interesting, and engaging. It shouldn’t be tiresome, boring, or compulsion. The desire for learning should come from within. It can only happen when the medium of learning is engaging and easy enough.

Well, the Bolkar app works on the system of asking questions and receiving answers, both done by voice. That means the typing thing is long gone. There are times when students have questions in mind, but they don’t want to type the whole question and then scroll for websites to get relevant answers and information. Other than that, some students can’t make use of technology because of the language barrier, as on the internet almost everything is in English. Either they don’t know the spellings to type, or they don’t understand the information they get in English. Hence their knowledge-gaining source is limited to books and school-teachers only.

To get youngsters engaged in learning, an important aspect of the Bolkar App is to remove both the problems.

First, it does not require typing. We ask and get information using voice only; hence the typing problem is solved. Secondly, the app removes the language barrier as it works in languages other than English. There are still thousands of people in the country who do not understand English, and that’s why they do not get access to the world of knowledge online.

After solving these problems, Bolkar is making knowledge enjoyable. The app has various categories to learn from including general knowledge, history, current affairs,

literature, sports, etc. It allows users to interact with others, like we interact with our friends and classmates and learn with fun.

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It is engaging, as it provides the freedom to ask questions. It’s not like a class where students have to worry, “what will the others think of me if I ask a question?” 

Other than that, on the  Bolkar app, even the students who do not speak up in their regular classrooms get a chance to share their knowledge in any of the fields by answering a question they can. This allows them to engage from both sides, as a guide, and as a learner. Even by answering the smallest of questions, a learner feels confident and it motivates them to learn more.

Bolkar aims at making Indians confident and smart learners. The current and world affairs category is always updated where students can just listen to it and absorb the knowledge. Learning is not always about memorizing. It has to be challenging enough to ignite questions and individual opinions in the minds of the one who is learning. Bolkar does the job, as by hearing answers and updated information one can share their opinions and get to hear others’ opinions as well. It enhances the thinking ability of their mind.

Youngsters spend a lot of their time using technology. Bolkar has provided a platform that directs their use of technology in the right direction. Bolkar makes learning engaging enough so that they direct their attention in a better way. It allows them to speak up and answer more and more questions. As they do it, Bolkar makes them feel more confident by choosing them as top speakers, their popularity increases, and so on. This ignites a deeper desire to learn more so that they can answer more questions.

We often study things and forget them later on, but if we ask a question and purposefully listen to the audio answers on Bolkar, we remember it for a longer time. Hearing things goes deeper into the memory. Voice penetrates the mind faster and stays there longer as compared to the written text. Thus, the audio answers help to absorb information gained for a longer time.

Human beings are curious. It is just that their curiosity is burdened beneath the fears of judgment. Curiosity is necessary to learn. 

Ever wondered, why our teachers told us to put up questions regarding the topics taught? 

A lot of students never ask because of hesitance, fear of judgment, etc. However, on the Bolkar App, every day thousands of youngsters come forward and ask their questions. It is because they get their answers in the simplest of languages, in a short period of time that makes learning fun and engaging and not tiresome.

Youngsters across the country need guidance that keeps them on the right track. For teenagers and young adults, it is a platform where they get engaged enough and enhance their learning in a fun way. Bolkar, with its easy-to-use features, promotes learning, and healthy discussions on various topics so youngsters make the best use of technology.

It is due to these features that the Bolkar app has 70 percent of its users who are teenagers and young adults coming forward to engage in the realm of knowledge. They learn and share what they have learned. Bolkar has its aim of reaching more and more students who can take access to the free, creative learning platform.

        Written By~Simmi Bhatnagar

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