How to Build a Nursing Home Business Website

Juliet D'cruz

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A successful nursing home business needs a website.

A nursing home is no longer just a nursing home; it’s an online marketing center, as well. A nursing home looking to get more referrals should ensure that they have their own website where potential patients can find them easily and read about all of the services they offer.

It takes time to build a successful site. But some companies specialize in this type of work and will help you with everything from content writing to designing the layout.

If you want your company’s site to be successful, you need to stay up-to-date on both technology and trends in nursing homes. That way, your site won’t look outdated or out-of-style.

If you want to be sure that you are building a nursing home website that will attract people, consider some tips and tricks.

Be Sure To Have Nursing Home Facts and FAQs On Your Website

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are common on most nursing websites. These nursing home FAQs should be labeled so that patients know exactly what the categories are for, such as “What is nursing care?” or “How do I find a nursing home that fits my needs?”  

You want patients looking online to easily navigate the assisted living website and get the information they need without having to search through large amounts of unneeded content.

The key to good nursing home FAQs is to avoid too many questions. But you also do not want to list 1-2 questions either because they become useless for the visitor looking online for assistance.

Include Nursing Home Testimonials and Patient Reviews

Testimonials can help nursing homes gain credibility online and give potential patients peace of mind that they make the right decision for their loved ones.

It is best to have these testimonials from nursing home patients only, not nursing employees or owners. This way, the senior care website will be more trustworthy to potential clients.

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Include Photos of Your Nursing Home

Photos are key when it comes to nursing homes. Having a few photos of your nursing homes on the site is recommended because you want potential patients to get a feel for what they’re looking at.

It also helps if one photo, in particular, shows off something special about your nursing homes, such as a beautiful sunset through large windows. Or an artsy shot highlighting artwork created by residents within their rooms.

Make Sure You Have Contact Information

This nursing home contact information needs to be easy to find and not buried under other text on the page. This info should include a phone number, email address, or mailing address.

To make sure that you have nursing homes contact info easily accessible for visitors, place it at the bottom of every page if possible, instead of just on your main nursing home website homepage.

Include Social Media Links

Social media links are a powerful way to stand out against other nursing home websites. It is important to be active within the nursing home industry social media circles to have nursing home success in the online space.

You need to share nursing home posts, link nursing home articles, and be active in nursing-related chat groups or forums.

While considering building a website, you also need to understand the difference between microsite and website.

Creating a Website for Nursing Home Business

Any nursing home business looking to succeed online should have all the essentials on their website and be active with social media.

Building a nursing home website is not easy. But if you keep things simple and consider the above information, it will help you build a nursing home site that stands out from the rest.

We hope these tips and tricks will show you how to build a website that is successful online. Please keep reading our articles for more information.

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