How to Clean and Maintain Bike Chains?

Juliet D'cruz

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Bike chains are the important yet dirtiest part of the bike. Cleaning the chain drive should be done in proper condition. The sprocket, chain, and chain tensioner are the main components for transferring power from the road to engines. Further, the roads are covered with mud and dirt that requires bike chain to be cleaned. 

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Chains are either the conventional or O Rings. These chains require regular maintenance to prevent them from wear and tear. When the chains are in good condition, you will get optimum results from the bikes. 

Tips for Bike Maintenance and their chains

The bike’s chains require regular cleaning and lubrication. If the bike has conventional chains, you can remove it. Clean the chain and then put it back. 

Steps to be followed for chain maintenance

  • Put the bike to the main stand
  • You can use polythene on the rimes to help save from the excess fluids
  • Clean the chains thoroughly
  • Lube the chain and check for any slackness. 
  • You must leave the motorcycle without using it after the lube for some time. 

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Cleaning of the chain

Use Kerosene to wash off the chain using a soft brush. You can use a cloth to remove excess dirt that might be on the chains. Secondly, you should use fluids like thinner to wash instead of water. After the dirt is completely removed, remove excess with a clean cloth. The chain cleaners’ cost anything between $3 and $10 for a single can. 

Occasional Bike Cleaning

Even if you want to clean your bike every 3 months, you can remove the chain with a chain removal tool. Further, brush it properly to remove all the grim. Keep the chain soaked in the solution to free it from any dirt. Then dry the entire chain rag by using a clean rag. The solvent should be evaporated completely for lubricating to work again. 

What are the lubricants?

There are basic two properties to lubricants.

  • Don’t let the dirt accumulate in the same position. 
  • You must be durable since lack of lubricants can wear the chain. 

For durability, most people prefer using lube. These are the oils mostly for motorcycles. It contains Teflon that is designed specially to repel dirt and water. Put the lubricating oil by rotating the chains as much as possible. Spray the lube as generously as possible. 

Keep the bike in gear when you are performing these steps. The bike’s chain should be put in the correct tension for the bike to work properly. 


If it is too tight or loose, the power delivery is not going to be optimal. Tighten or loosen the chains as far what you want. You have to maintain the bike’s chains properly for the bike to run smoothly on the road.

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