How to Create and Organize Your Modeling Portfolio

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Model agencies in the US have a market share of $2bn. However, there is a decline in profits due to the economic slowdown in 2020. 

This means that more than ever, you want to make yourself stand out by creating portfolios. You don’t want to short-change yourself by focusing on one industry. Consider other means of modeling too.

A modeling portfolio will make you stand out. Create captivating portfolios that leave imaginations running wild. Read on to learn more. 

Social Media Portfolio

With the rise in social media, models are diverting their attention to uploading images online. Sharing beautiful pictures from their personal collection. As well as professional photoshoots they have been a part of.

Instagram is the best platform to share photographs online. You have complete control and can customize it to your liking. 

You can keep a collection of your photographs and portraits in one place. There is also the potential to gain a social media following. If you move away from modeling, you can use this to your advantage. 

Creating a modeling portfolio on social media can also attract interest from respective clients. A great way to attract work at the same time. You can use a marketing strategy to gain attention.

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Physical Portfolio

Before the power of the internet, physical portfolios were the trend. Large binders were full of beautiful photography. Lookbooks scattered with beautiful images.

Creating a book will be a great way for someone to see your work in a physical copy. You can make multiples and send them out.

There are many companies that offer lookbook printing and you can style it to your aesthetic. Consider print marketing as your navigation tool to get your lookbooks out there.

With the rise in journaling throughout 2020, you can utilize this to your advantage. Create beautiful books full of images with your identity on each page. Captivate the reader of your portfolio.

You can use large A3 pieces of paper with the photographs somewhere on the page. Then using scraps of paper, stickers, and washi tape, you can create your portfolio. 

If you have an aesthetic, then you can use this to your advantage. But don’t go over the top, you want the pictures to stand out. 

Website Portfolio

You have greater control over every aspect of your website. From the design to the content.

There are many ways you can design a website and have it showcasing your photographs. From creating dedicated pages for different looks, styles, and types of photography. Use your design ideas here, make your website look attractive. 

Website maintenance can take some time. Search for a company or freelancer that can create and maintain the website for you. Giving you more time to focus your efforts elsewhere.

How to Keep an Organized Portfolio

With a wide range of ways to organize your portfolio, you want to consider how you keep it organized.

The most popular way is to keep it organized by date. This is much easier to maintain. You don’t have to do as much work this way and can add to it in the future.

Many like to organize their portfolio by their favorite pictures. This can take some time to organize. You can change your portfolio this way to suit your taste.

Another way to organize your portfolio is by using categories of the types of shoots you do. Clothing, advertisements, and other shoots you have performed. This helps group together what you have done so far. 

Organizing by theme is a great way to show you are versatile. If you have fun, interesting shoots, then more somber ones, you can organize them by grouping the types.

Types of Photographs You Need In Your Portfolio

Photographs will make or break your portfolio. You need to have a wide variety of different shots. This will show you are versatile and can be flexible in the types of shoots you are involved in. They need to be clear, colorful and presented well.

Most importantly, you need to make sure you have a large range of shoots. Continually adding to your portfolio over time will give you an amazing lookbook.

These are the important types of photographs you need in a portfolio. 

A Beauty or Clean Head Shot

One of the first photographs you should take time to get right is a beauty shot. This is a close-up of your face. 

This shows you in your most natural state, with no heavy makeup or styling. A great way to show your beauty. 

Whatever option you choose for organizing, make sure your beauty shot is always first. 

Full-Length Body Shot

A great way to show off your body shape and proportions. This picture should be updated as your body changes. 

You want to show off your figure, style and it helps the clients imagine you in their shoots.

A Swimsuit Shot

If you are not comfortable with this, you can leave it out. However, a swimsuit shot is perfect for showing your figure. 

When you are considering working in the lingerie or swimsuit industry, then this is going to be key. You will need to show your figure here, your attitude, and how you present the swimsuit.

Editorial and Commercial Shots

You want a range of different photoshoots in your portfolio. The client can see what you look like in different settings. If you want to break the fashion industry, then you need these types of shots.

This is your time to shine, show where you work best. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to show your worth here. 

From the dressed-up and heavy makeup styles to the more toned down and neutral looks. This is a great way to show how versatile you are as a model. Also one of the great marketing ideas for you to use to stand out.

Your Important Model Portfolio 

When you are working in a competitive industry, you want to do things that no one else is doing. Show you can be creative and adapt to any situation in your modeling portfolio.

Standing out will ensure that clients are taking notice of you. This will captivate them and make them want to work with you. There will be a lot of competition, so make it your own.

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