How To Design the Right Packaging for Your Snack Product

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How To Design the Right Packaging for Your Snack Product

How To Design the Right Packaging for Your Snack Product

While running a small business comes with obligations and frustrations, you also have opportunities for fun and creativity. Conceptualizing packaging can fall into this latter category. Whether large or small, each package has some available space on the outside to impart a message in words, colors and graphics. Though perhaps less on the visionary side of things, you also need to decide on packaging materials and other practical considerations.

For example, custom stand up pouches offer significant potential in both the practical and creative arenas. Getting this combination right could result in the perfect solution for your snack product. On the practical side, these pouches deliver strength and durability that protect food freshness. On the creative side, they provide a platform for a memorable design.

Define Your Product and Your Target Consumer

The more you understand your product and your consumer, the more effective your marketing strategy will be. In fact, once you have an understanding of these two foundations of your business, some of your decisions should get easier. For example, if your product is artisan coffee and your consumer has discerning tastes, this points you to the value of custom coffee bags for packaging. This, in turn, leads you to some valuable features you want in your packaging:

  • A premium look and feel
  • A nimble approach to new products
  • A consistently beautiful package
  • A chance to track and trace

The package design could highlight all of the extra steps your company takes to ensure high-quality coffee. You might want to tell the story in words, relating how specific harvest techniques enhance quality, or you could use images that show workers in the field surrounded by trees, birds and butterflies. Or perhaps you will choose another route that reaches your target consumer.

Digital printing technology gives you the power to try new things. You no longer have to worry about expensive setup and plate fees, but your company can take advantage of low minimum orders and quick turnaround times. All of this lowers your investment risk and gives you valuable options for marketing with your flexible packaging.  

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Choosing Design and Illustrations for Your Product

The best packaging keeps your product fresh, fits into your budget and protects the environment. It also provides space to tell your unique story and to connect with your customers. Digital printing technology lets each business take a different path to success. The flexibility of more adaptable printing techniques puts the power in your hands. 

You get the same options with custom printed Mylar bags. These capable bags give you all the practical options you need for your product, including strength, durability and affordability. They have advantages when it comes to protecting the environment and they also allow for desirable features such as recyclability, tear notches, spot embellishments and hang holes. Finally, they allow you to create a beautiful design that captures the essence of your product.

Packaging solutions no longer just mean having a bag to hold your product. They encompass nearly every facet of your company.

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