How to Find a Local Moving Company

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Are you getting ready for a big move? Believe it or not, you aren’t the only one. Reports show that 20% more people plan to move in 2021 than did in 2020.

The question is, will you do the move yourself or rely on expert movers?

If you’re looking for a local moving company to help you make your move, this post will help you narrow down your choices. Below are all the tips you need to know to find moving services near you.

Browse Online Reviews

If you interviewed every moving company in your area, you’d have a hard time getting through everyone. You’ll really have to dig deep if you want to filter out the bad movers from the good ones.

That’s where looking at online reviews helps. A quick search on Google will give you a list of all your local movers. Luckily, these listings have customer reviews right next to the company name.

Look through those reviews to filter out the poorly rated moving companies. Doing this should leave you with fewer companies to interview. You can then focus on comparing the benefits of good movers instead of filtering out the bad providers.

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Get Several Quotes

You might be tempted to settle on the first residential movers you talk to after filtering out the bad providers. However, doing this is a mistake.

You need to get quotes from at least three movers if you want to make an intelligent choice. Even if you get similar prices for all your quotes, you never know what little details each of those quotes will contain.

Look at the fine print to see what additional services your movers provide. Your goal shouldn’t be to only go for the lowest price. You want to look for a mover that offers the best value for the money.

Look for Licensing and Insurance

Depending on where you plan to move, you can’t just hire any mover that you want. If you plan to move across state lines, a mover needs licensing before they’re allowed to onboard you as a customer.

If you think a mover needs licensing, make sure you check with them to get verification. They should be able to present documents to you that prove they can handle the job.

if You need someone who knows how to protect and Shipping high value items delicately, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra for damage insurance or replacing any broken pieces that may be caused by improper handling.

The next set of documents to look for is insurance. Even good moving companies make mistakes at times. The question is, what happens if your property gets damaged or someone suffers an injury in your home?

The right insurance will protect you in both those cases.

Be Careful of Deposits

The next thing you need to watch for when hiring moving companies are large deposits. Some companies will try to get away with charging a hefty deposit fee before the move. Doing this can end up backfiring.

What happens if they don’t do a good job during the move and you end up with a lot of your belongings trashed? In some cases, bad movers won’t care and try to brush you off.

Try not to pay more than a 20% deposit when moving. When a mover doesn’t get most of their money upfront, they’ll be more willing to care for your items, so things go smoothly when you pay the rest of the moving cost.

Ideally, look for movers that require no deposits at all.

Look for Experts

Not all moving days are the same. While some people can get by with movers who are generalists, not everyone falls into that category.

If you have fragile belongings that take more work to move, you’ll need to find experts who can handle the job. They need to find the right equipment and knowledge to make those moves without damaging everything.

Most moving companies will list any expertise they have on their websites. Make sure to check this list before talking to a moving company to help narrow down your choices.

See Everything Included

Not all movers offer the same services in their moving packages. Many of them have different tiers of service that cost different amounts of money.

Take moving boxes, for instance. This tier would be the lowest on the pricing charts. It’s the least involved and doesn’t require as much work for the movers.

However, things are different if your movers need to box up your items themselves. This extra work will cost more and won’t always be included in your quote. Make sure you check these things, so you aren’t caught by surprise when you don’t get the service you believed you purchased.

Check for Delivery Timelines

While your delivery timeline might not be a big deal if you’re moving close to your current residence, things change if you’re moving far away. You’re going to take a long trip there, so you don’t want to arrive at your destination and have your belongings still in transit.

Unfortunately, there are cases where some movers go for a week without seeing their things. This causes a hassle at the new home since they can’t unpack or get anything done.

Check the timeline for your delivery to make sure your things arrive when you do. Professional movers should have no problem providing this date to you.

It Takes Work to Find a Local Moving Company

You would think that a business would go above and beyond to provide excellent service to their customers, but that isn’t always the case. That means you need to do your homework if you want to find someone to handle the job. Keep the points above in mind so you can find a local moving company that can help you make your move with success.

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