How to Improve Your team’s Productivity

Juliet D'cruz

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There can be nothing quite as damaging as an unproductive team in a world that demands efficiency in the workplace. You may have

dealt with this in the past, or you may be dealing with it right now: either

way, you have more than likely asked yourself, “How do I fix this?”.

Naturally, the first step is identifying the cause of the

lack of productivity in your team. Do they seem to lack direction? Are they

unmotivated? Focus your energy first on identifying the problem, as it can be

anything from a lack of leadership to a single rotten egg among the crew.

Choose the Right Leadership

Leadership is often the first group that gets the finger pointed at them. A good manager or leader will know how to lead their team with conviction, clear communication, and expectations and learn how to keep team cohesion secure. When we think of a problem like a leadership vacuum or bad management, it is a prominent issue

that falls somewhere in this group. It may be a lack of leadership, excessive

leadership, or inconsistent leadership. If you believe that leadership is the

problem, then it is essential to fix this immediately.

Gather feedback from the team to see if you can identify a clear pattern or problem. Focus on that and see if reorganization or retraining is the correct move in this instance. Utilizing strategic leadership correctly will often garner a sizeable

improvement in team morale and cohesion. Remember, this fault can fall on

leadership outside of top-level management. 

A great leader will know what it takes to change the

office’s vibe from glum to energized and driven. Make specific leadership is

the right fit and adjust accordingly. You’ll see an immediate change in the

team dynamics.

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Incentivize Productivity

Offer incentives for good work or goals that are met routinely

and provide encouragement. Being told that you are valued and contributing to a

team effort can do wonders to improve morale. They need to understand what the

company defines as productive and express a healthy sense of competition where


Provide Training

It’s challenging to request good performance if your team does not have the proper knowledge to apply in their day-to-day tasks. Investing in training may be one of the most efficient ways to improve productivity. However, in some situations, people in your team may leave the company to work somewhere else. So, how do we avoid them go? Some companies request them to stay for a certain period after investing in a course or MBA.

Other than studying in an executive education institution,

they may also have internal training. More experienced employees can create

materials and present them to support the newbies’ need to perform well.

Cross-training is also an excellent way to improve

knowledge. Sales would work in marketing for a pre-determined period and


Provide Coaching sessions

Coaching can give your team the orientation and motivation needed to provide the next step the right way. You can offer coaching programs for your most talented people. 

The coaching sessions are basically conversations with more experienced employees who reached higher positions with the company and can give direction to the coached employee.

It can be across areas or not. The idea is to send employees the right message and orientation to reach higher levels within the company and become productive through more motivation.

Get Feedback and Improve

Feedback will give you a fantastic idea of where to start, regardless of whether it is leadership or not. Even if the administration is exemplary, there is still clearly a problem. It would be best to determine whether it is with the employees, a singular employee, the work itself, etc. Naturally, analyze first and don’t immediately jump to the termination.

Wrapping Up

Of course, simply reaching out and asking how they would improve things can work wonders. Communication is one of the essential things when turning an unproductive team into a team of real go-getters. 

Ultimately, you must identify where the problem lies first

and then discern the best way to address it. Whether it addresses leadership,

managing the employees, or other issues, approach it with a clear goal in mind

and ready to listen. 

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