How to Repair PDF Files Step By Step?

Charlotte Miller

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Do you like working with PDF files? Are you left wondering what you can do after you tried opening a PDF file, and the response was that the PDF file is unreadable or corrupted? 

Such messages sometimes result in data loss. But this article aims to restore hope by showing you simple ways to repair corrupted PDF files. So, let’s learn more about excel file repair.

Part 1: The Causes of PDF File Corruption

There are multiple reasons why PDF files get corrupted. They include:

A) Improper Download

Were you downloading the PDF file before you realized that it was corrupted? Was your internet connection unstable and thus an incomplete or failed download?

When this happens, the file structure gets damaged, resulting in corruption. 

B) Hard drive and Storage Media Problems

When your PDF is stored on a corrupted USB device, hard drive, or social media, the file also gets corrupted. 

C) Unexpected System Shutdown

Sometimes your computer may shut down suddenly without a warning while you use it. Internal system errors and power failures are the main reasons for this in most cases. 

It is likely to get corrupted if this happens while you are working on a PDF.

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D) Virus

If your system has a malicious file or virus, it may corrupt your PDF too.

E) Incompatible Programs

Another possible cause of PDF file corruption is opening the file using incompatible programs. 

Part 2:  Common Ways to Repair PDF Files

Don’t panic if you get across a corrupted PDF. That’s because there are several ways that you can use to repair damaged PDF files. 

You may have tried some methods which may not have worked. However, at least one of the methods here will work for you. Just give these methods a try:

Method 1. Try Other PDF Reader Utilities

Before everything else, find out whether the issue is with the file or PDF reader. Consider using a different PDF reader. There are many PDF readers available online. If this does not work, try method 2 below.

Method 2. Restore Previous File Version

If you use Windows 10, you can check its in-built backup tool. Restore the previous version of your PDF file using it.

Start by opening Update and Security. You can reach here by pressing the Windows button and selecting settings. The next thing is restoring the backup and accessing the file. 

You can also restore the file’s previous version using File History. Check the file’s previous versions. Click on the right version. Check if it will restore the file. Did this work? Great if you succeeded using it. let us know here about PDF creator.

If this method fails, try the tested and tried video repair tool to repair files in different formats. It will help you repair PDF, as seen in the below part.

Part 3:  How to Repair PDF Files With Repairit?

You can use Wondershare Repairit software to repair your corrupted PDF. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Load the Corrupted PDF

First of all, open the Repairit video repair tool’s main interface. Select your corrupted file. Use the ‘Add’ button to add more files you may want to repair.

Alt: add-pdf-files

Step 2: Repair the Corrupted PDF

Click the ‘Repair’ button to start your file repair. You can stop this process anytime while it’s in progress. However, give it time to do what you would like it to do.

Alt: repair-pdf-files

Step 3: Preview and Save Your File

When the process of repairing is over, you can click on OK to view the repaired file. Save the file on your location of choice once you are certain that the file is completely fixed. 

Alt: preview-and-save-pdf-file

And that’s it! You now have your PDF file repaired, and your worry is gone. Want to celebrate?

You will find Repairit an amazing tool if you decide to use it. With its advanced scanning features, it comes in very handy to use. 

It is software that is compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11 and Vista. It also supports versions 1.2-1.7 of PDF files. 

You can repair PDF using it easily since it can restore all the PDF’s content. It can also repair video, excel files, PowerPoint, and Word documents. Once your PDF is completely repaired, try using it for video repair and see how it works.

Part 4: Closing Words

It is easy to get the PDF files stored on different storage media corrupted or damaged. It can result from the improper download, hard drive and storage media problems, unexpected system shutdown, viruses, and incompatible programs. 

While there are many ways through which this happens, there are equally many ways through which you can recover the files. 

These include using other PDF readers and restoring the previous file version. However, the most recommended way of repairing your corrupted PDF file is by using Wondershare Repairit. 

Use it and recommend it to your friends and colleagues. You will have helped reduce someone’s stress levels, and that’s a good thing. Don’t you think so?

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