How To Treat Stress and Physical Pain Using Massage Therapy?

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How To Treat Stress and Physical Pain Using Massage Therapy?

Are you feeling stressed? One of the most effective methods of reducing stress and pain is through massage therapy. 

Such therapy relieves muscular tension, improves blood flow, and triggers a relaxation response. Various techniques are applied to reduce cortisol levels and tension.

Make sure you learn how massage therapy can be used in the treatment of stress and physical pain.

Massage types

Such therapy is of tremendous assistance in reducing both physical and mental stress. The former occurs within the muscles following an injury or a tension buildup, which results in pain. The latter is triggered by a hormone named cortisol, responsible for enhancing depression and anxiety. Different forms of massage therapy can be used to alleviate stress, including deep tissue, Swedish, and therapeutic massage. 

Moreover, the deep tissue technique is applied to the deeper soft tissue layers. Stress is mainly caused by tension buildup inside the muscles, which leads to movement restrictions and boosts pain. Nevertheless, a deep tissue massage is capable of relieving the tension by spreading and stretching the muscle tissues and fibers. When these tissues are loosened, both pain and anxiety are relieved. 

Another way to feel less stressed through such therapy is by having a Swedish massage. It provides mental and physical relaxation via muscle manipulation. The muscular manipulation technique encourages these tissues to stretch and relax. Tension is responsible for causing pain and enhancing mental stress levels. 

Another treatment used for the same purpose is the therapeutic massage, which is performed by applying gentle pressure to the areas where soft tissues are located. The main goal of undergoing such therapy is to become relaxed. When a person’s relaxation levels are poor, cortisol levels substantially increase and cause muscular knots, and anxiety. 

In addition, a therapeutic massage also improves localized blood flow. When the blood flow is improved, positive hormones are released, such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. These hormones provide a person with a positive mood, better tissue elasticity, and increased relaxation. Such elasticity is crucial for preventing the formation of muscular knots. 

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There is a variety of techniques applied for the purpose of stress reduction, including deep strokes, trigger pointing, and lymphatic drainage. Deep strokes are performed by using firm pressure to get as deep as possible in the muscle tissues. This technique increases muscular temperature, which in turn improves tissue elasticity. 

Trigger pointing is another popular technique used for making a person less stressed. Trigger points are found right in the muscle fiber center. These are in charge of forming muscular knots, thus causing headaches and pain.  Masseuses use their thumbs and fingers during the process to apply firm pressure, which triggers an ischemic reaction. 

Furthermore, an ischemic reaction occurs when blood flow is restricted to a certain body area, and it increases the moment pressure is released. By softening the trigger point, pain and headaches get significantly reduced. 

Another effective technique for reducing cortisol levels is lymphatic drainage. Such drainage refers to the stimulation of the lymphatic system for removing the metabolic waste in a more efficient manner. Metabolic waste buildup might occur following an injury or surgery. It enhances muscular fatigue and causes muscular weakness. 

Nevertheless, massage therapy has the power to stimulate the lymphatic system. Masseuses apply various long and deep strokes to eliminate the metabolic waste from the body. In return, the body is provided with nutrients and oxygen. Lymphatic drainage does wonders for reducing pain, swelling, and movement restriction. 

Final thoughts

Such therapy has the potential to reduce cortisol and boost positive hormones. 

Enjoy its benefits!

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