How to Use Ads Manager to Set a Budget and a Schedule

Juliet D'cruz

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If you are currently running Facebook or Instagram ads, you know the wealth of the options that Facebook Ads Manager offers. You may select where the ad is shown, and specify detailed (incredibly broad) audiences, as well as create a visual portion of your Facebook ad budget, in the same place. 

However, there is one tool that you might not be using still and it is Facebook ad scheduling. You need to know that Facebook allows scheduling of the ads with the lifetime budget, so the option is simple to miss if you are setting Facebook ad budget on daily basis instead.

Recommendations on Facebook Ads Budget

Facebook Ads budget is at an Ad Set level, you can find at Facebook Ads Manager. Look at some general suggestions during its testing phase:

  • Run an ad 3 to 4 days and give it a little time to optimize and testing an ad for 4 to 7 days will be the right practice.
  • During its testing phase, spending around $5 to 10 per day on every ad will be fine – you might have to spend a little more in case you want “significant” results.
  • Keep optimization for the ad delivery in Default settings till you have the specific reason for changing it.

Never “overspend” for an amount of Reach

Whenever you get to a Budget & Schedule section of an Ad Set, the first set will be Daily Budget and Lifetime Budget. The Daily Budget generally focuses on hitting the set numbers every day where the Lifetime Budget enables for a bit uneven spending on the schedule.

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Schedule Based Over Page & Audience Insights

You cannot expect ad scheduling to function well unless it is aligned with the routines of the audiences. How will you know when the target customer is likely to be on a social platform? The insights from the Facebook business page can help to decide your audience’s schedule. At a top of the Facebook business web page, choose “Insights.” After that, select “Posts” from the left-hand menu, or choose “When Fans Are Online”. This can show you days or times the audience seems to be very active.

Create 2 Part Ad Campaign

Whenever you calculate the cost per lead, ad creative, audience, as well as funnel strategy will have a vast impact on its results. Rather than sending the cold traffic straight to the ebook download web page, you can use quality content to hook your audience before they ask them to submit the email address. You may do it in 2 steps:

  • Send out cold audiences to the quality blog post.
  • You can retarget your blog readers with the lead magnet.

You will notice both the ads mention “detoxification,” however the ad copy and graphics are quite different. And this approach will reduce the cost per lead. Depending upon what you have learned from the page & audience insights, you may set various schedules for the Facebook ad placements. 

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