How to Use Stickers When Moving to Your New Home

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How to Use Stickers When Moving to Your New Home

It’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of moving to your new home, especially if you have many possessions that you need to pack and move safely. With so much going on, it can be hard to know where to start or in what order things should happen. However, making use of stickers when moving to your new home can help you stay organized and track where everything goes until you’re ready to unpack it all in its permanent place. That can make moving significantly easier! Here are ways to use stickers when moving to your new home

The first thing you’ll want to do when preparing for your move is to gather boxes and supplies. As a general rule, you can use any box for moving as long as it’s clean, sturdy, and doesn’t have any sharp or jagged edges. Many shipping supply stores will even sell pre-labeled boxes made explicitly for moves. 

Unfortunately, these pre-labeled boxes often come with logos or other text, but there is a way around that! A great trick is to cover up those labels with stickers. It saves you from dealing with ugly logo labels and mistaken identity issues. However, if you need to be bold enough in your messages, here’s how to leave a lasting impression without worrying about misplacing your belongings.

  • Keeping Fragile Items Safe

Stickers can help ensure that your most fragile items stay safe. Stick a few on extra-fragile items such as lamps and vases with writings such as “Fragile, Handle With Care” or FRAGILE. Not only will it alert movers of their delicate nature, but it also helps prevent these pieces from getting jostled around too much during transit. Be sure to stick them on an inconspicuous part of each item, so they don’t get damaged by moving equipment or other boxes.

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  • Helps Avoid Spillage of Liquids

The first thing you should know about stickers is that they benefit from moving. When it comes time to pack up your stuff and move them into a new home, you have a lot of bottles and other liquids that need careful handling. And even worse, flipping those containers can lead to spills. That’s where stickers come in handy!

Boxes containing liquids need to remain upright at all times. So, using stickers with labels like “This Way Up” will help prevent spillage during transit. Spillages can cause slip and fall accidents or damage to floors or carpets. So, keep an eye on things while loading boxes onto trucks or carrying them upstairs.

  • Can Help Protect Delicate Items

Moving delicate stuff can be stressful, and it’s hard not to be nervous. For example, if you’re moving sensitive items that cannot withstand sharp objects, you may need to label them. Thankfully, some stickers can help protect your most valuable belongings while they make their way from one home to another.

A sticker like “Do Not Open With a Knife” will let movers know they should take extra care when unpacking your item to avoid damaging it with their tools. You could also use these labels for picture frames or other fragile decorations. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

  • Helps Identify Deliveries

If you’re moving orders, including some urgent ones, consider using stickers. These stickers can be used on boxes with a specific color for each order type. That way, when your movers arrive at your home, they can quickly identify and deliver your most essential items. That is especially good if you have furniture or fragile items that need special care during transport.

Beyond helping speed up delivery times, stickers can also help reduce damage by making it easier for movers to identify what needs extra care during transit. Labeling “Urgent Orders” on a box will ensure that your movers deliver them fast. It’s best to label all of your packages to avoid any mistakes


Stickers communicate clearly and precisely what needs to happen during the transportation, and they do so without requiring any special training. If you want your belongings to arrive safely at their destination, consider using these stickers. They’ll help protect your valuables during transit, allowing you to breathe easy knowing that everything is where it needs to be once all is said and done. However, when you’re planning how to use stickers for moving, remember not to use labels that will come off quickly during shipping – stick-on tags work best!

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