How to Use Your Treadmills to the Vingo App

Charlotte Miller

If you are new to the world of Vingo, then you are in for a surprise for sure. This virtual world is home to thousands of fitness buzz around the world and the community is growing every day. The app will transform your treadmill time into an online adventure you will never want to get out of. So, here is how you can get into this amazing new world and have fun.

The Fitness App is Free to Download

First, you will need to install the app on your smart device. It could be your iPhone, or your iPad, or even your MacBook. The app is available in AppStore for free download. We would suggest that you use your device with the biggest screen, since it is this screen that’s going to take you across the virtual tours. Once installed you can open the app and create your own personal account with it. This account comes with the option of eight profiles to it. You can have your own personal profile and share the others with your loved ones just like you did with Netflix accounts.

Buy the Latest Treadmill for Your Running Exercises

The next thing you will need is obviously, a treadmill. Many folks have their own treadmill stashed away at a corner of their houses. You can even use them to dry your clothes. But now, it is time to dust them off and get them running. In case you don’t have a treadmill right now, you can go ahead and buy a decent model. By descent we mean the ones with bare minimum functions. Bluetooth connectivity is one of them and that is more than enough when you are using the Vingo App.

Stop Wasting Time With Your Old Equipment

Many people make the mistake of using very old treadmill models while they use the app. Those models usually don’t have any connectivity features and hence the app won’t be able to monitor your movements and speed on them. Hence they get frustrated when the app doesn’t perform well. This makes them move away from the workouts. In case you have an old treadmill and don’t want to invest in a new one, we have a solution for you.

Get Cost Effective ANT+ Sensors for Your Use

You can always buy ANT+ Sensors and add them to your treadmills. These sensors are the ones that calculate your speed, pace, and other vitals while you run on the mill. Hence, you can use your old mills with the app without much expenditure.

Connect Your Equipment and the App with Bluetooth

As for connecting your treadmill with the app, you only need to pair it via Bluetooth once and the app will automatically connect with the mill when in range. There won’t be any hassles in the future either. Many people connect the app with their training bike and use it as a cycling app in the virtual world. You can do so too and have a change from time to time.