IBPS Bank PO or IT Job: Which Sector Is Good To Go?

Juliet D'cruz

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After doing college, the first thing that comes to mind is which job post would be better to go with. The IT and Banking sector are one of the most liked ones indeed. The IT sector does not need any introduction the way it is popular at the forefront.

Young aspirants generally get confused about which sector is worthy to choose to make a decision. There is no doubt that both sectors have their features and specifications.

Firstly, Both Sectors Are Important –

  • IT Sector – Whether it is IT or the banking sector, both are portraying an important role in the country’s growth. The IT sector is booming and there are varieties of jobs being introduced to this sector.
  • Banking Sector – The banking sector plays an important role in a country’s economy and for introducing several job opportunities in the country too. However, it is a 9 to 5 job, still quite popular among the aspirants. This 9to5 bank PO job is not like the other ones but it brings a wide array of allowances that made it the favorite one of the customers. To get this fascinating job, you need to clear the exam and get high scored IBPS PO Results. You should apply for this job since you will be having a handsome monthly salary indeed. Your standard in Indian society will be improved. This job brings all the needed luxuries to you.

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In What Sector You Need Specific Skills Are Required –

  • IT Sector –If you decided to go with IT jobs then you would need to be good at specific things such as how to do coding. If you did not have CS/IT engineering then you might have to put much effort to get good at it. The IT industry seems quite fascinating but you need to hold specific skills to get into this sector.
  • Banking Sector – On the other hand, you would not require any specific needs or skills to get into the banking sector. All you need to prepare basic things to get into the banking sector. There are many books and online material available to do excellent preparation. Expertly done IBPS PO Exam Analysis can also help you to learn more about it. The more you do practice, the more you will get good at it. The only thing you need to be good at it is clearing the bank PO exam and you are good to go indeed.

Where You Can Find Work-Life Balance –

  • IT Sector –Yes, work-life balance is quite important to have a good life indeed. If you get into an IT-oriented job, you might have to go with uncertain timing at the office. Chances are high that you might have to work at night. You may have to manage the client’s timing. If the workload is higher, you might have no holidays on different occasions.
  • Banking Sector – However, it does not happen if you get a job in banks. The best thing is that you will be having fixed timing. Moreover, you will be enjoying more holidays in comparison to the IT industry. It means you will be having a lot of time to spend with your family and friends as well. It helps to create an incredible experience indeed. What could be better than spending quality time with your family and friends? Therefore, it proves that a Bank Job is much better in comparison to an IT job if you truly want an incredible work and life balance oriented life.

In What Sector You Could Have More Growth Prospects –

  • IT Sector –In IT Sector, it probably requires 10 years to go to the next level. It truly takes time to get promoted. Moreover, uncertainty is also there because of huge competition and new age development in various aspects. You have to keep yourself updated so fast.
  • Banking Sector – If you apply to be a PO, you would be promoted within 4-5 years indeed. If you keep working on your skills, you may be promoted to the post of chairperson.

In The Last –

If you are not having specific skills then it would be ideal to give IBPS PO exams to have a stable career. IBPS is also quite popular among the candidates for unlimited attempts until you approach the maximum age limit. Doesn’t it sound cool? It does indeed. It means you do not need to get worried about the restrictions about attempts. You can attempt innumerable numbers. You are allowed to attempt until you reach that specific age limit.

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