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Getting injured on the job can be a traumatic experience. If your injuries are severe, your recovery time could be considerably higher. In Virginia, all companies are required to have workers’ compensation insurance for part-time and full-time workers. This is a type of no-fault insurance, and therefore, you just need to prove that your injuries are directly related to the on-job accident. Winning a claim may involve considerable work, which is why you should consult a Virginia injured at work attorney to know more. Here are some pointers worth knowing. 

What does workers’ compensation cover?

Through workers’ compensation insurance, you can get medical benefits, which would cover your required and reasonable medical expenses. You can also claim lost wage benefits, including permanent disability benefits. If such an accident results in the death of a worker, the immediate family (spouse and dependent children) are entitled to death benefits. 

Why hire a workers’ compensation lawyer?

You need to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to prove your case. To get the benefits of the workers’ compensation system, there must be a connection between the accident and your injuries, and your lawyer can help prove the same. Your lawyer will also help determine the extent of your losses and what you can expect in a settlement. If your employer refuses to offer the support you require or refuses to take a report of your injury, your lawyer can help you with other legal options. Your attorney can also help negotiate a settlement, and if necessary, they can represent you and present facts in a workers’ compensation appeal. 

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Reporting the injury and more

Because employers are paying for workers’ compensation insurance, they enjoy immunity and cannot be sued directly by an injured worker. As someone who was injured on the job, you are required to inform your employer of the injury at the earliest. If you failed to do so immediately, you must consider doing that within 30 days from the date of the accident. It doesn’t matter if you were partly at fault for the accident, as the workers’ compensation system is a no-fault one. While you cannot sue your employer directly, you can take legal action if they retaliate against you for filing the claim. 

Get an attorney and discuss your workers’ compensation claim in detail. Your lawyer can help you avoid the common mistakes that can impact your settlement. Talk to your attorney to understand each step in the process.

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