Is Ceramic Coating Worth the Hype?

Juliet D'cruz

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You’ve probably heard this before: a ceramic coating is the best way to keep your car’s finish looking like new. But it sounds like such a strange concept. Why would I want to put ceramic on my car? How can something ceramic make my car look sleek and fresh?

These are all reasonable questions to ask. But before you write off ceramic coatings as another fad, take a look through this article. We will tell you how ceramic coatings can improve your car’s finish, make it easier to maintain, and keep your car protected for years. 

So, is ceramic coating worth it? Let’s find out. 

Ceramic Coating Benefits

When we think of ceramic, we are like to imagine pottery and dried clay. That’s about the last thing you’d want on your car’s paint. So why would I want to coat my car in ceramic?

Ceramic coatings don’t look anything like pottery! It’s a liquid polymer that dries completely clear. It binds to your car’s finish on a molecular level so that you won’t lose any vibrancy in the paint color or any smoothness on the finish. 

The qualities of ceramic you will see here are super durability against the elements and scratches. It even prevents damage from UV rays and oxidization. 

Ceramic Coatings vs. Traditional Car Wax

A traditional car wax will give your car that “like new” shine for a few days at the most. In some cases, it may only last a few hours!

But a ceramic coating can last up to two years without losing any since or protective strength. It all comes back to that molecular-level bonding that keeps the coating fixed in place no matter what. 

Ceramic coatings also repel water and dirt just as well, if not better, than traditional wax. 

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Applying Ceramic Coating

If there are any ceramic coating problems, they arrive during application. 

The car’s surface must first be in pristine condition. Any scratch, even the lightest swirl mark, will become permanent once the coating is applied. Just as it will protect your paint with great tenacity, ceramic coatings will also preserve any traces of dust or damage caught beneath the surface. 

And, once you’ve got the car clean, the coating must be applied indoors. If Pollen or dust can get caught in the coating, which will give your car a hazy appearance. 

Even though it costs more, the best ceramic coating comes from a professional application. Check out this article from for all the details on getting your car ready for ceramic coating. 

Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

Ceramic coatings cost is higher than traditional wax, especially if your car’s paint requires restoration before the coating can be applied. 

But if you consider how much time and money you will save over the next couple of years without having to wax the car every few weeks, you may find that the cost is worth it. 

So, is ceramic coating worth it? It’s a subjective decision based on your budget and how much you value your car’s appearance. But if your car is your pride and joy, the answer is clear. Ceramic coatings are worth it!

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