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As an owner of a static caravan, there are so many things to think about and you cannot forget about the insurance. 

What is a Static Caravan? 

For residential purposes, a static caravan is a mobile home located on the same grounds for a long time. Static caravan need not be towed or moved regularly unlike a touring caravan. A static caravan is not always on the road but still it needs to be protected with the contents in it. This is possible with proper static caravan insurance

What is a Static Caravan Insurance?

Static Caravan Insurance is similar to any caravan insurance that completes the whole of a stationary caravan. Stationary caravan is sited permanently with electrical and plumbing lines in place. In case of damages caused by theft, and severe weather conditions, static caravan insurance provide coverage and protection to your caravan. 

Coverage included in Static Caravan Insurance

The providers of Static Caravan Insurance have various policies that can be customized to cover your unique insurance needs. The following damage coverage is included in Static Caravan Insurance:-

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  1. Caused by Severe Weather Conditions – Severe weather conditions include damage caused by flood, frost, storm and freezing.  
  2. Caused by Malicious and Accidental disasters – Damage is caused due to riot, fire, vandalism, other types of malicious damage and impact from other vehicle. 
  3. Contents coverage – The static insurance coverage includes the contents in your static caravan like furniture, home appliances, gadgets and other personal belongings. 
  4. Cover for accessories and other features outside the caravan – The insurance include storage chests, patios, balcony, annexes, coverage for steps, skirting or floatation devices. 
  5. Cover for internal system damage – The cover includes cover for damage of water and heating systems like water, gas or escaping oil. 
  6. Cover against theft – The cover includes stolen items in the caravan and other items. 
  7. Coverage if caravan is left unused – The cover includes coverage for emergency or alternative accommodation.  
  8. Old is Replaced with New – If the damage to the caravan is beyond economical repair then you can receive a new replacement for the old caravan of the same value. 
  9. Cover of moving costs – In case the caravan is beyond repair, then the costs covers the removal the debris and other cost of moving. 
  10. Public Liability Insurance Coverage – The cost covers the claim made by third party that has during an accident suffered injury or property damage inside or near the caravan.
  11. Personal Accident Cover – In case you are hurt and injured during an accident the cost covers the claim made by a third party. 

Why is a Static Caravan Insurance Important? 

Legally static caravan is not legally needed it meets the need for owner’s protection. Static caravan is important for the following reasons:- 

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  1. Static caravan is a substantial investment and should be protected from accidental and malicious damage and loss. 
  2. Static caravan serves as an extension of your home or as your home and you need to insure and protect it as you would to your main house. 
  3. Static caravan acts as storage of your possessions like gadgets and home appliances. In case of an unexpected event the caravan is protected along with the contents inside it.