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It is a visual, easy to understand presentation that shows the key performance indicators or KPIs is an organization that defines whether its operation is on track to achieve its business goals.

Dashboards are integral in assessing supplier portfolio risk and diversity. A dashboard has to take information from various data sources to conduct procurement analysis that yields insightful metrics.

But it is no use knowing the answer to a management dashboard; if you don’t know how and what indicators to use, the management dashboard can manage the business most powerfully. 


Here, effective dashboard use can have a dramatic impact on business performance. Dashboards keep everyone on the same page and put the essential facts about your business where they can have the most impact. Want to know The BtoB marketplace for Saas Startups which are best then click here and check it on. Here are three common business cases for dashboards:

  • Getting more value out of your data
  • Consolidating and automating multiple data points
  • Departmental alignment

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Benefits of managing dashboard

  • Enhanced visibility.
  • Timesaving efficiency.
  • Better forecasting.
  • Key performance indicators.
  • Inventory control.
  • Real-time customer analytics.
  • Better decision-making.


The essential advantages of company form of ownership are as follows:

  1. Limited Liability:

Unless and otherwise stated, the liability of shareholders is limited to the face value of shares held by them or the guarantee given by them.

  1. Perpetual Existence:

It should have a separate legal organization with an endless sequence to the company. Deaths, insanity, insolvency of shareholders or directors don’t affect the company’s existence. 

  1. Professional Management:

It can appoint management professional salaried managers for day-to-day activities, and the company offers professional management

. Hence, the managements are within the directors’ hands, are electing by the shareholders, and are well-experienced in company business. 


Despite its several advantages, the company’s form of ownership also suffers from some disadvantages.

  1. Lack of Secrecy:

A company has various statements available to the Companies’ Registrar, Financial Institutions; business’s secrecy comes down as per the legal provisions. It is reducing further when the company provides its annual report to the shareholders as the competitors do it. Hence, it also finds out the details of the financial data of it.

  1. Restrictions:

When compared to proprietorship and partnership, a company has to comply with more legal requirements. It consumes considerable time and effort.

  1. Management Mischiefs:

Here the managers and directors misuse the company resources for their benefits. It brings losses to the company, and the company is closed.

User Features

Multiple Users: It depends on the type of dashboard software you can select; there will be a limit to how many users have to access it. Additionally, there can be limitations on how many people can view a dashboard simultaneously. Hence, be sure to ask if there is a cost to add more users. It will be essential to know when evaluating deployment and maintenance costs.

Dashboard Sharing Control: It depends on you and how much of the data you want to expose. Here, private dashboards let only a few people access your company’s dashboard. The key feature here is control and the ability to share the dashboard with everyone or with a few people and how you want to accomplish it.

Collaboration Tools: Here, like other management and project tools, collaboration options can be beneficial. In addition to leaving comments, creating slideshows, and sharing critical business metrics, dashboard software should also have automation features, like scheduling reports and program notifications.

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Here we conclude our brief study on data visualization, and it will clear that the field is rich in potential applications in diverse disciplines. At the same time, we need to be aware of its practical and ethical complexities. We have also discussed and critiqued several examples of data visualizations, learning common pitfalls and helpful tricks along the way.

As we have seen, developing a useful and ethical data visualization is a complex process. This chapter will touch upon the future of data visualization and additional resources for data visualizers. 

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