What Is Meaning Of Miscellaneous? Find Out Meaning Of Miscellaneous.

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Miscellaneous Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Miscellaneous?

What Is The Meaning Of Miscellaneous?

Meaning Of Miscellaneous In English,

The meaning of the term miscellaneous is that it is a collection or group composed of members or elements of different kinds. A number of things or people gathered or considered to be together of different types or from different sources can also be explained as miscellaneous.

The other terms which can be synonymous with the word miscellaneous are various, varied, different, assorted, mixed, disparate, motley, etc.

The term miscellaneous can also be abbreviated in various terms such as miscellaneous expenses, miscellaneous income, miscellaneous things, miscellaneous withdrawal, miscellaneous metals, etc.

Where each abbreviated form of the term miscellaneous has a different meaning. As, in the terms of accounting miscellaneous expenses may refer to a general ledger account in which small, infrequent transaction amounts are recorded. While miscellaneous items are the things that you might not expect to go together. For example, a breakfast bar, a DVD, and a credit card bill are some kinds of miscellaneous items.

The term miscellaneous is derived from the Latin term “miscere”, which means, to mix. The term miscellaneous also has its meaning in the term of education which can be explained by a book of miscellaneous essays on American history, having various qualities, aspects, or subjects: a miscellaneous discussion.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Miscellaneous?

Synonyms of miscellaneous are:

  • diverse
  • mixed
  • assorted
  • various
  • varied

What Are The Antonyms Of Miscellaneous?

Antonyms of miscellaneous are:

  • unvaried
  • homogeneous
  • identical

What Are The Related Words Of Miscellaneous?

Related Words of miscellaneous are:

  • diversified
  • heterogeneous
  • motley
  • composite
  • combined

What Is The Adjective Of Miscellaneous?

adjective of miscellaneous is:

  • miscellaneous

What Is The Noun Form Of Miscellaneous?

Noun Form of miscellaneous is:

  • miscellaneous

What Is The Verb Form Of Miscellaneous?

Verb Form of miscellaneous is:

  • miscellaneous

Examples Of The Word Miscellaneous Are:

1)The collection of goods which she has purchased from the shopping mall seems to be

2)The major motto of the miscellaneous chemical compounds is to produce new chemical reactions that can bring new changes in the surrounding environment.

3)The group of objects which she has chosen from the market seems to be

4)The students were asked to solve the miscellaneous problems given in their textbooks.

5)The miscellaneous tasks placed before the students seem to be the best way of training the students to acquire high ranks in their examinations.

6)When Rita arrived in the USA, she was able to find the miscellaneous people prevailing in the major cities of the USA.

7)The miscellaneous problems which were asked in the question paper had made the students get tensed

8)The miscellaneous activities involved in the training programs had attracted a large number of audiences.

9)When she reached the party hall, she was able to find the miscellaneous dishes in front of her dining table.

10)The moment she saw him, she went into a miscellaneous condition. 

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How Do You Use The Word Miscellaneous?

consisting of many different kinds of things that are not connected and do not easily form a group synonym diverse, various a sale of miscellaneous household items She gave me some money to cover any miscellaneous expenses.

What Is The Meaning Of Miscellaneous Things?

consisting of a mixture of various things that are not usually connected with each other: miscellaneous household items. Variety and mixtures.


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