What Is Meaning Of Virgin Forest? Find Out Meaning Of Virgin Forest

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Virgin Forest Meaning & Definition

Find Meaning Of Virgin Forest?

What Is Meaning Of Virgin Forest?

Meaning Of Virgin Forest In English,

The meaning of virgin forest maybe a forest or biome having a mature or too mature scheme additional or less unaffected by act.

Old-growth. Woods, wood – the plans and other Trees in a large densely wooded area. Meaning Of Virgin Is something unexploited, inexperienced, and not processed.

Many synonyms can be used in place of the virgin which can help you to know the term easier; the synonyms are as: untouched, unprocessed, pure, inexperienced, new, untarnished, and the list goes on. 

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What Are The Synonyms Of Virgin Forest?

Synonyms Of Virgin Forest Are:

  • clean forest
  • new forest
  • unpolluted forest

What Are The Antonyms Of Virgin Forest?

Antonyms Of Virgin Forest Are:

  • dirty forest
  • old forest
  • polluted forest

What Are The Related Words Of Virgin Forest?

Related Words Of Virgin Forest Are:

  • undefiled forest
  • unsullied forest

What Is The Noun Form Of Virgin Forest?

Noun Form Of Virgin Forest Is:

  • Virgin Forest
  • clean forest

What Is The Verb Form Of Virgin Forest?

Verb Form Of Virgin Forest Is:

  • virginally

What Is The Adjective Of Virgin Forest?

Adjective Of Virgin Forest Is:

  • pure
  • virginal
  • unpolluted forest
  • clean forest


Are There Any Virgin Forests Left?

There are an estimated 1.11 billion hectares of old-growth forest left on Earth — an area roughly the size of Europe — as reported by the U.N.

What Is The Full Meaning Of Forest?

A forest is a large area of land that’s covered in trees. The word forest can also refer collectively to those trees. An area that’s covered in trees can be described with the adjective forested. Less commonly, forest can be used as a verb meaning to cover an area with trees.

Where Is The Virgin Forest Located?

One of the major activities WWF does in the Danube-Carpathian Region is identification and mapping of the virgin forests in Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine

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