Non-Resident Banking in Switzerland

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Swiss banks are a well-known brand recognized all over the world. Switzerland is a stable country with a well-developed economy that focuses on the banking sector as one of its main assets. If you want to open an account with the world’s leading banks for your personal or corporate needs, pay attention to Swiss banks. If confidentiality is a major concern for you, you should know that Switzerland takes one of the first places here as its laws impose heavy fines on the bankers that disclose customer’s information.

If you want to know more about Swiss banking, we would like to invite you to our portal. Read our article about the banks in Switzerland today where we have prepared a list of the ten best banks to deal with in the country. You will also find other interesting articles on the portal devoted to international business and banking, investment (including citizenship and residency by investment), relocation, and so on.

We also have experienced specialists who will help you with your banking needs no matter how complicated they are. Some of our services are free – for example, we will charge nothing for helping you with the choice of a suitable jurisdiction (if Switzerland does not seem right to you) or a bank (for instance, you may need a crypto-friendly bank, which considerably limits the choice). And if you decide to delegate the account opening procedure to us, we will be happy to give you a hassle-free experience at a reasonable fee!

Bank Account in Switzerland: Mission Possible?

There is a popular misconception about Switzerland that very few people can open bank accounts there as the local banks are too picky. Well, there is a grain of truth in it as opening a bank account in Switzerland is not the easiest thing to do. However, it is not overcomplicated, either. The country manages one-fourth of the world’s offshore wealth, and this figure would be simply impossible if the country did not create possibilities for foreigners wishing to open accounts.

Let’s talk about the grain of truth, though. Swiss banks have very stringent compliance requirements, and they do not accept just any client that applies. They are so popular that they can afford to be choosy! Most banks will only onboard you if you are recommended by a trusted referrer – sad but true! However, the experts of our portal know all the ins and outs of Swiss banking. If you want to have a bank account in Switzerland, all you need to do is book a session with us and find out the details.

Minimum Deposit

You may read in popular articles about Swiss banks that you will need at least one million dollars or euros to open an account. However, the truth is that there are 246 banks in Switzerland, and you are sure to find the option that will suit your budget!

  • Low-risk clients are allowed to make much lower deposits – in the same way as high-risk ones that promise a high reward for the bank.
  • Young people are allowed to make lower deposits if they can grow assets quickly (and prove it to the bank).
  • Smaller investors can use online Swiss banks to make lower deposits.

Top Swiss Banks

Here are the banks our specialists recommend dealing with in 2023:


UBS is a really large bank with a global reach – the biggest Swiss bank in the world! It is a good choice if you have a private jet and a few million to deposit. However, smaller clients will get ordinary services that can be obtained in any other bank.

There is a UBS subsidiary in Switzerland that serves US clients only, and it has excellent feedback. So if you are a US citizen or a green card holder and you want to have a Swiss bank account, you are welcome!


This is a large bank as well, and you will find its branches across the globe. However, its focus differs from UBS: while the latter is involved in investment banking, Pictet is an optimal choice for clients that need wealth management services. It is a great bank for average customers who value well-known international brands.


This is a traditional Swiss bank that operates within Switzerland only (it has a representative office in Israel, though) and is managed by the sixth generation of the family that founded it. If you need a real Swiss tradition, here it is – with all up-to-date technological features available.


This is an ideal bank for those who value tradition and an exclusive personal service. It was founded in 1988 (which is not so long ago), but it is one of those dozen private banks you can still find in Switzerland that operates in the most traditional way possible.

This is a bank that has the right to be called “private bank” under Swiss law: its owners have unlimited liability for the debts of their company. That is, if the bank fails, all personal belongings of its founders will be used to pay the bank account holders! And you probably understand very well that this is a different level of responsibility that certainly commands respect.

BNP Paribas

Though BNP Paribas is a French bank, it has a long history in Switzerland as it sponsored different railway projects and the Swiss national exhibition back in 1896.

Why is it on our top ten list? Well, the bank offers quite good wealth management opportunities, but the main feature is that its customers can use its platform for global investments. BNP Paribas is the owner of a major real estate company in Europe, and its customers can invest in real estate in London, Paris, Madrid, and so on (this is an opportunity you will not get if you use a small Swiss bank).

You can become a customer of one of the largest European banks and take advantage of its services for private and corporate customers. Keep in mind, however, that it does not work with offshore companies – so you will have to look for other opportunities.


Follow the above link to read the description of five more Swiss banks we have selected for you. And if you have any questions or you like a certain bank and want to find out more about it, please get in touch with our experts. Swiss banks do not onboard you easily, but they are definitely worth it – and you will have a much smoother experience with our help!