Office Management: What Do Small Business Office Managers Do?

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Steven Carell’s portrayal of Michael Scott in The Office is a fun caricature. Managing an office is less about hijinx than ensuring that offices run efficiently.

Applying for an open administrative manager position? It is important to know what office managers do.

Read on for a helpful guide.

What Do Office Managers Do?

Office manager tasks are as varied as the departments that office managers oversee. A small business may have one office manager who oversees several or more employees. A larger business may assign an office manager to each department.

The basic task of office management is to ensure that personnel work efficiently. They ensure that workers have the resources they need to complete their jobs. They are sometimes tasked with coordinating office cleanings. The manager can hire a cleaning services provider like Steristat Cleaning Solutions to do the job.

Other office manager tasks may include:

  • Manging office supply orders
  • Staff training
  • Booking business trips
  • Communicating with upper-level staff
  • Handling disciplinary issues

Office manager training prepares these leaders for their roles. Most office managers have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. However, you can get started with an associate’s degree.

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Office Manager Qualities

Office managers have to be excellent planners. Individual workers are focused on their tasks. It is the office manager’s job to ensure that everyone is working toward a common aim. 

Resource management is another critical skill that office managers must have. Resources can be physical or personnel-related. 

Staffing and hiring are other important jobs that office managers perform. The administrative managers either take the lead in hiring or work with HR to handle those tasks. 

Great office managers are effective communicators. Managers navigate the middle ground between workers and upper-level administration. Good interpersonal skills help office managers reach their goals of maintaining productive workspaces.

In the end, many managers are problem solvers. Effective administrative leaders blend business acumen with interpersonal skills.

Types of Office Management Positions

No matter which field an office manager works in, the duties are often similar.

Corporate Office Management

Corporate office managers work as part of a leadership team. A district manager may oversee many district managers.

Each level of manager handles the employees below that administrative managers. 

Healthcare Office Management

Hospitals and clinics need managers. These business professionals generally have extensive experience in medical business administration. Healthcare management requires a special understanding of industry regulations and patient privacy laws. 

Law Office Management

There are nearly half a million law firms in the U.S.

Many of these businesses have an office manager to oversee employees. Law firm office managers should understand billable hours and court schedules.

Remote Office Management

The rise of remote work has increased virtual management. Remote work allows managers to oversee a larger number of employees working remotely.

Apply with Confidence for Office Management

Office managers keep the gears of any office running smoothly. These professionals work across a wide range of industries. A growing number now work remotely. 

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