Problem-Solving Skills: 5 Ways to Enhance Your Abilities

Juliet D'cruz

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Approximately 67 percent of employers are looking to hire individuals with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. And, even if you already have a career, having these skills are a great way to work smarter and climb up the corporate ladder. 

Unfortunately, many people assume that good problem solvers are born that way. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Being an excellent problem solver is all about practice and being able to evaluate the issue at hand. 

Would you like to get better at solving problems? If so, keep reading to find out how you can do so! 

  1. Learn to Apply the Problem-Solving Process

Even though problem-solving requires creativity, it’s also a framework. So, learning the problem-solving process is the first step to creating solutions for even the largest obstacles. 

The first step is collecting information about the issue. For example, if you have a problem with a product at work, you may want to start with customer surveys or input from other employees. This information will help you pinpoint your desired outcome.  

Next, you need to identify the cause of the problem. Once you know it, you can begin working on hypotheses to overcome your issue.

Of course, depending on how complicated your problem is, you may need to spend a lot of time experimenting with solutions. Yet, once you know which is the best choice, you can put it into action!  

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  1. Think Outside the Box

The best problem solvers are typically those with the most experience. That’s because they’ve had to overcome obstacles over and over during their career. 

Even if you are new in your field, you can learn how to develop your intuition by exposing yourself to complicated scenarios that test your creative problem-solving ability. Being curious and studying as much as you can in your field will prepare you to solve any challenge that comes your way! 

  1. Exercise Your Brain With a New Hobby

Hobbies aren’t a waste of time! Certain hobbies challenge your brain and help you develop the skills that translate into the workplace. And, experimenting with new activities is a great way to expand your horizons and show yourself all that you are capable of doing. 

Here are some great hobbies to try: 

  • Learn a new language
  • Exercise
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Build models
  • Do puzzles

Of course, you should choose an activity that you enjoy and that allows you to relax while developing your skills. 

  1. Avoid Making Assumptions

After seeing similar problems over and over again, you may get stuck in a problem-solving rut. Instead of assuming you know the best course of action, explore new and innovative solutions. 

This can be especially helpful in fields like marketing, where customer tendencies are always changing. So, instead of assuming you know the best way to reach your customers, pay attention to recent data! 

  1. Be Persistent 

Sometimes, trial and error is the only way to solve a problem. When this happens, persistence is key! 

Try implementing each of your ideas and observe the effects until you reach your desired goal. And, instead of sitting by idly waiting for things to work out, keep educating yourself in the meantime. This will help you perfect your skills and keep you motivated!

Perfect Your Problem-Solving Skills

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills can help you in all aspects of life. Applying the suggestions in this post will help you boost your abilities, taking you places you never thought possible! 

Of course, developing new skills is an ongoing process, so be sure to bookmark this post for reference! And, if you enjoyed these suggestions, browse more of our useful content! 

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