Raising Chickens 101: The Benefits of Raising Backyard Chickens

Juliet D'cruz

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Did you know that there are around 26 billion chickens in the world? If you are new to owning farm animals, chickens are a good place to start. Chickens are affordable, easy to raise, and come with many benefits.

Whether you want to grow your own fresh eggs or have a new, friendly pet, there are several different reasons to own chickens. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of raising chickens and for a Raising Chickens 101 guide. 

Fresh Eggs

One of the best benefits of raising your own chickens is that you get organic, fresh eggs regularly. If you love to eat eggs for breakfast, this will save you money, taste better, and is healthier than store-bought eggs. 

Most of the time, eggs from the store come from chickens in the factory farming industry. These chickens often live in harsh conditions. When raising chickens for eggs, you can feel good knowing that no chickens were harmed in the process. 

To keep your chickens healthy and have them continue laying fresh eggs, be sure to give them organic layer feed

Natural Pest Control

Chickens love to eat bugs, so that makes them the perfect natural pest control. Instead of spraying harmful chemicals in your yard, get chickens to take care of the problem for you. 

If you have a garden, chickens can prevent bugs from ruining your plants. Chickens are also ideal for spending summer evenings outdoors because there will be fewer bugs around. 

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Free Fertilizer

Another one of the best things about raising chickens is that they are a great fertilizer for your garden. Instead of buying expensive fertilizer, you can rely on the chickens to take care of it for you. This will save you both money and time. 

Great Pets

Are you looking for a friendly pet to keep around the house? If so, raising backyard chickens could be a good idea for you.

Once your chickens get used to you, they will be excited to see you in the morning and may even cuddle with you. As long as you take good care of them, they will show love in return. 

Chickens are a great learning experience for children. Kids can learn how to take care of the chickens, make sure they have food, and experience the joy of collecting the eggs. Chickens are easier than caring for a dog or cat. 

Earn Extra Money

Did you know that your chickens can earn you extra money? If you have more than a couple of chickens, you won’t be able to eat the eggs by yourself. You can sell them to others to make money!

In addition to selling eggs, you can try raising chickens for meat. This is another way to earn extra money. 

Raising Chickens 101: Are You Ready to Raise Chickens?

If you are looking for new pets to bring into your life, chickens are a great option. Some of the benefits of owning chickens include fresh eggs, natural pest control, free fertilizer, great pets, and can earn extra money. 

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