Running Third-Party Applications without Errors

Juliet D'cruz

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Error handling in Windows-based Operating Systems is quite simple. Microsoft has various features developed for providing ease of functionality to its users. It also helps developers to create third-party software using files like Dynamic Link Libraries and Runtime Libraries. As such, these files pose a few errors at times for users. In such instances, one needs to understand the purpose of the file posing the error to resolve it. Files like msvcr100.dll, vcruntime140_1.dll, etc., are used for various reasons to facilitate optimal functioning of the software and the system. Thus, this article will focus on understanding DLL files, errors posed by these files, and solutions to these errors.

DLLs and their Significance

Dynamic Link Libraries, often known as.dll files, are Microsoft libraries available to developers and consumers. These files include aspects required for the proper operation of third-party applications. Applications created using Microsoft Visual C++, VB, etc., use such files concurrently. As a result, below are a few aspects that are critical for these applications. 

  1. i) Classes – A class is the principal element of a library file. Classes are blueprints for objects. A class is a collection of data members and member functions later executed via dynamically allocated entities.
  2. ii) Functions – A function is a code snippet that performs a specific task. Functions defined by developers often have functionalities like the reception of data, the transmission of data, and returning data as outputs. As such, functions are vital for ensuring the proper functioning of any software. A simple example is a calculator.

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iii) UI Elements – The user interface is an essential component of any software. A difficult interface makes it difficult for users to navigate the program. As a result, Microsoft makes it easier for developers to design simple yet effective user interfaces by providing IDEs. These components include icons, labels, text boxes, images, and so forth. As such, they’re critical for both developers and consumers since they provide consistency across diverse UI components.

  1. iv) Miscellaneous – Other components that give different functionality to the application also get included in.dll files. These smaller components work together to ensure that the third-party program runs smoothly.

Causes of Errors related to DLL files

  1. i) Missing Files – Files frequently go missing as a result of improper installs and out-of-date software. Individuals have a habit of clicking the “next” button without giving it any thought. Automatic updates are a feature of the Windows operating system. However, turning them off results in outdated files that cause missing.dll problems.
  2. ii) Malware – Malware infiltrates the system from outside sources. As a result, users face actual dangers as a result of these initiatives. Anti-virus software such as Kaspersky, for example, can help users prevent damage to the system.

iii) Authorization Errors – These occur when system characteristics restrict specific files from being utilized. These files are necessary for third-party programs to run. These files, on the other hand, are deemed hazardous by anti-virus software and firewalls. For instance, an anti-virus may deem the “msvcr100.dll” file as a trojan.

Solutions to Errors

As mentioned earlier, these errors are simple to fix. Here are a few solutions preferred highly by users.

  1. i) Download – Users can download the missing or corrupt file on the internet after taking precautionary steps.
  2. ii) System Restore – Users can opt for the Restoration feature provided by Windows.

iii) Software Reinstall – Users can attempt to solve the error by reinstalling the software posing errors.

In conclusion, one can always find numerous ways to solve issues on Windows-based Operating Systems. However, one has to understand the intricacies involved in the solution they have adopted. As such, this article focuses on delivering a simple solution to solving all issues posed by .dll files.

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