SCORM Compliance and its benefits for organizations

Juliet D'cruz

Updated on:

SCORM is an abbreviation and stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Material. It is a set of rules and standards for online learning material. Being SCORM compliant means that the LMS or the authoring tool etc. are operable with different e-learning software. You can export your content as a SCORM package which allows you to share it between various e-learning systems. 

Of course, if the industry standards ask you to meet the SCORM standards, it must have some benefits that it offers. A few of these amazing advantages are discussed below-

  • Makes content adaptable-

SCORM Compliance benefits are innumerous but the major one has to be the promotion of adaptability of your content through various e-learning products. It provides the much-needed flexibility to create and tweak content according to the requirements of the organization which might need different variants of the same content for different trainees. Additionally, for the same trainees as they progress through the levels, sequential rules can be formulated.

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  • Permits reusability-

One of the major benefits that stem from the usage of SCORM compliance is that of content usability. You do not need to worry about formulating similar content again and again. The single content unit once created can be used multiple times to save time as well as effort. This also helps the trainers to use the tried and tested measures that are already in place for training. 

  • Promotes interactivity

Due to the option of numerous authoring tools as well as other extensions and additions available to use for Learning Management Systems. Plus, SCORM has a conducive environment that supports stimulation as well as engagement for the trainees. Also, its environment supports gamification so you can turn on your heat in that direction.

  • Cost-effective-

Being SCORM compliant is cost-effective due to its portability and interoperability. In case you need to upgrade your LMS, you have the option of doing so without disturbing your training. The same content can be easily ported to your new choice. Also, this compliance means you can keep on using the same extensions and features for your training. Thus, money-saving. 

  • Promotes data tracking and data mining-

Compliance with SCORM translates to the ease of tracking data for different purposes. All the data about the company training, its trainees, their progress paths, scores of every activity done by them, results for quizzes and exams, page views and their duration, etc. is all the information that is easily accessible through SCORM.

The copious amount of data thus produced, can be further used for data mining and helping the top management take decisions regarding the future of your training and even your organization as a whole. 

  • Ease of editing-

It is much easier to edit your content if, and when the need arises in the SCORM environment. Additionally, this can be done without any effect on the stability or even the continuity of your training program as a whole. 

  • Permits interoperability-

This might be one of the most sought-after benefits of SCORM compliance. It permits interoperability between different e-learning products. You would still be able to use your multimedia and content when you do decide to change your Learning Management System.

 So, when your training officer decides to let go of the present LMS, you can do that without the fear of losing content, data, and insights. And, this is all possible due to your current LMS and other e-learning products being SCORM compliant. At the end of the day, that is some sense of stability that SCORM compliance provides in the tumultuous business environment where fast change is the need of the hour. 

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