Shipping Container Transport: Getting From Point A to Point B

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When people move, they often don’t take all of their things with them. Doing so results in a difficult, tedious move that takes much longer than necessary. Instead, they choose to leave their nonessential belongings in a storage container.

The question is, how do you get the storage container to your new home? For that, you require a shipping container transport vehicle.

Transporting a shipping container is more complex than simply loading a truck, though. There are several factors to consider for this process.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you make those decisions! In this guide, you’ll learn all the essential things you need to transport your storage container.

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Shipping Container Transport Trucks

The most common method for transporting your storage container to your home is by truck. However, different trucks have various advantages for travel. We’ll cover the leading trucks for transport in this section.

Tilt Bed Trucks

Tilt bed trucks provide straightforward methods for loading a shipping container and unloading it at the destination. The truck’s bed can tip at an angle to gently slide the container off the bed.

This method allows the driver to arrive at the house and unload the container with no extra equipment. These trucks are ideal choices for moving containers over distances below 200 miles.

Flat Bed Trucks

People typically use flatbed trucks to move containers beyond 200 miles. These trucks are often more affordable than tilt bed trucks since tilt bed trucks cost more to operate for each mile. Unlike tilt bed trucks, these require a crane or forklift to move containers on and off the vehicle.

Step-Deck Trucks

High-cube containers used in storage are a foot taller than standard units. If you use these containers, you’ll require a step-deck truck to move them.

These trucks, similar to flatbeds, have a flat platform that holds the container. However, these are lower to the ground, letting them carry taller loads.

Again like flatbeds, they require equipment to unload the container. You can learn more about shipping container options, check out this article

Cost to Move a Shipping Container

On average, shipping storage containers to your home costs about $3,000. Several factors affect your shipping cost. Some of these costs include the size of your home, the distance you travel, and the company you choose.

Another factor, as mentioned before, is the type of truck you choose. Different trucks vary in gas mileage, equipment requirements, and other features.

Do You Need Shipping Container Insurance

While you don’t need shipping insurance, it’s a helpful thing to purchase. Accidents can happen on the road, which either damage or delays your shipment. Finding an insurance policy allows you to declare value on any damaged items, helping you compensate for any losses.

Ship Your Container Today

With the tips in this article, you can better decide what shipping container transport works best for you. Find the truck that can fit your budget and get your belongings to you today!

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