Should I Use Lifehacks or Ask Someone to Do My Math Homework for Me?

Juliet D'cruz

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Despite the fact that mathematics is one of the most difficult sciences, it is still very interesting and varied. Many people strive to learn math and do homework themselves, but not everyone knows how to do it correctly and where to start in the first place. Should I ask someone to do my math homework for me? This is the question that many students ask themselves. In most cases, the answer is “yes.” The reason is that a good expert can help you to deal with the most difficult tasks easier. However, if you don’t want to ask for help all the time, you can also use the following lifehacks. 

In this article, we will tell you how to learn math and do homework as efficiently as possible, and quickly arrive at a decent result. 

Start over from the beginning

Learn everything gradually – topic by topic. If you skip something, you run the risk of missing important material, and in the future, you will not be able to solve some problems. In mathematics, everything is interconnected, so be sure to study each topic and solve the examples that relate to it. In the future, topics that you missed can become a problem and slow down the process of doing homework.


Yes, cramming in some cases does not help and can lead to reluctance to learn something further due to fatigue and brain congestion. But in the study of mathematics, this point is really important. It is necessary to remember many formulas in order to correctly solve problems and examples. We recommend that you treat learning the rules with the utmost responsibility so that in the future, you will not use the textbook but only your head while doing homework.

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Get outside help

To begin to understand the topics that are the most difficult and incomprehensible to you, study additionally with the teacher. You don’t even need to leave your home to study. Now online classes are gaining popularity; there are a large number of platforms that host the services of teachers in various specialties. You can study with a math tutor online but at the same time gain knowledge that is in no way inferior to what you could get offline. Moreover, a tutor can help you with difficult assignment


Regularity is the key to success in mastering any skill. Do it every day, set aside a certain number of hours for math. Practice constantly – in addition to theory, don’t forget about practice as well. Over time, you will notice that the tasks have become easier for you, and the formulas and rules come to mind easily.

Increase knowledge constantly

Use all sorts of materials that are related to mathematics, read different books, study textbooks that are not included in the school curriculum and thematic sites. Write out the main things – keep notes on which you can easily navigate in the future. You can also increase your knowledge by communicating with people who have similar interests. Subscribe to groups on social networks that talk about mathematics, go to seminars and various training, attend clubs – there you can find new friends who are also fond of this science and who can help you when faced with some difficulties while doing homework. 

Application of innovative aids

Until recently, it was widely believed that mathematics was one of the cheapest sciences, as a mathematician only needed paper and a pen to do homework. However, to interest, modern students in learning only with these tools is not an easy task. Therefore, innovative aids such as dynamic geometry programs, graphing calculators, special software packages for mathematics, 3D models, etc. will come in handy – such tools are designed not only to increase interest and motivation to study mathematics or visualize abstract mathematical concepts but also to significantly simplify mechanical calculations, speed up the process of analyzing and forecasting ways to solve problems. This is important for completing homework successfully. 

Do not limit yourself to the program

In fact, every teacher is obliged to fully comply with all the requirements of the program. But this does not mean limitations. The curriculum is an action plan, the implementation of which depends not only on what is proposed by a particular author of textbooks but primarily on the teacher, his or her motivation to teach students to better prepare them for life, as well as improving the general mathematical culture. However, sometimes, you need to study additional material in order to cope with math homework easily. In what sequence to study educational topics, what connection to build between them and other subjects, what content to invest in formulas and concepts – appropriate answers to these questions can significantly help you understand not only mathematics as such, but also the depth of its influence into the modern world and the need of mathematics for later life and professional careers.

As in any business, the main thing in the study of mathematics and doing homework is self-discipline and sufficient motivation. To understand mathematics, you need to love it, so if you are really passionate about this subject, then you will undoubtedly succeed.

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